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June 2016


A Critique Of The Cullen-Reddy Intelligence Review by Warren Thomson




November 2015


The Government’s SIS And GCSB Review: Responses by Warren Thomson




June 2015


GCSB Dirty Deeds by Warren Thomson




November 2014


Mass Surveillance Of New Zealanders: Greenwald Versus Key by Warren Thomson




August 2014


Three Cheers For The Domebusters Who Kicked Waihopai In the Ball! - by Murray Horton




December 2013


John Key Says Yanks Not Spying On Him by Murray Horton




June 2013


Crime Pays!Government Legalises GCSB Culture Of Impunity by Murray Horton




November 2012


A Dotcomedy Of Errors. GCSB Illegally Spies On New Zealanders: We Told You So - by Murray Horton




May 2012


Manoeuvred Back Into ANZUS: Subversion Of NZ's Independence by Warren Thomson




November 2011


The Covert State Must Not Be Severely Embarrassed! Part 1








July 2011


Update On The GCSB – by Warren Thomson








July 2010


Vindicated! Waihopai Domebusters Acquitted On All Charges








January 2010


Full Speed Ahead Into The Quicksand!
NZ Blindly Follows US Into Obama’s War In Afghanistan








July 2009


Spies Amongst Us








November  2008


Waihopai Domebusters: The Police Present Their Case








August  2008


Pop Goes The Spybase! Waihopai Domebusters Severely Embarrass The Covert State








December  2007


A Bad Case Of “Terrorism” Hysteria








July 2007


Waihopai 2007: Counting The Costs Of 20 Years Of Spying








November 2006


SIS: New Boss, But Same Old Story








March 2006


Rod Donald








October 2005


Owen Wilkes Special Tribute Edition








March 2005


Tangimoana: The “Forgotten” Spybase








June 2004


Waihopai 2004: The Protests Continue, With Some New Twists








December 2003


A Travesty Of Justice: The Case Of Ahmed Zaoui by David Small








August 2003


Waihopai- New Zealand’s Biggest Contribution to America’s Wars by Murray Horton








October 2002           


The Terrorist “War On Terror” by Murray Horton








February 2002


Ghosts of a Genocide: The CIA, Suharto, and the Terrorist Culture by Dennis Small








December 2001


Mike Frost. New Zealand Speaking Tour: ABC hosts ex-SIGINT Officer by Bob Leonard








June 2001


GCSB Bill “Legitimising” Outlaw Agency by Murray Horton


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