Peace Researcher

Issue # 30

March 2005

Tangimoana: The "Forgotten" Spybase

Ahmed Zaoui: New Zealand’s Very Own Political Prisoner by David Small

SIS Up To Its Old Tricks by Murray Horton

Mossad Spies Imprisoned In New Zealand: Our Passports Valued For Use By Israeli Covert Killers by Murray Horton

Only Empathy Will Clear The Fog Of Iraq by Joe Hendren

Mercenaries: A Peculiarly British Disease by Murray Horton

Okinawa: It Is Not Only In Iraq That US Military Occupation Faces Massive Resistance by Bob Leonard

Dubya Steals Two In A Row – Well Done America by Bob Leonard

Book & Film Reviews by Jeremy Agar

"I Almost Forgot About The Moon: The Disinformation Campaign Against Ahmed Zaoui", Selwyn Manning, Yasmine Ryan and Katie Small

"Global Intelligence: The World’s Secret Services Today", Paul Todd & Jonathan Bloch

"Fahrenheit 9/11" A Film By Michael Moore

"Control Room" A Film By Jehane Noujaim

Organiser’s Report by Murray Horton

Fuck Ronald Reagan by Bill Weinberg

Reagan And Marcos: The Gruesome Twosome

Why Are NZ Military Exercises Simulating Iraq? by Murray Horton


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