ABC Updates

10 February 2022


1/ Rocket Lab, Which Is A US Company, Expands In That Country


2/ NZ Via Rocket Lab Joins Push To Mine Moon & Other Space Resources

"The (NZ) Space Agency noted that signing the Accords presented some risk to international relationships. 'The Accords may be viewed by some nations as an attempt to bypass the UN Committee on the Peaceful Use of Outer Space process and the UN treaty-making process', the Agency said".

3/ Five Eyes


 "New Zealanders will now jump through fewer hoops to invest in American businesses and real estate, after the Government secured a temporary exemption to the country’s foreign investment screening rules. The US decision represents another step towards more tightly binding together Five Eyes nations, with New Zealand’s intelligence-sharing relationship and defence cooperation cited as key factors for the decision".


4/ SIS


5/ NZ's National Security Priorities: Containing China


6/ Old Colonial Powers Back On Scene In "Indo-Pacific"


7/ NZ Wants To Ride On AUKUS Coat Tails


8/ RNZAF's Expensive New Poseidon Reconnaissance Planes Conspicuous By Absence From Tonga Emergency


"In reality, the Poseidons purchase was to enable New Zealand to line up alongside our traditional allies in executing anti-submarine actions as part of the aggressive 'Lets Contain China' strategies of forward force projection in the Asia-Pacific region".



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