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The Aims*:

  1. To uphold the highest standards of medical care for those involved in the arts
  2. To provide a better understanding of medical problems associated with arts activities
  3. To work towards an approval system for arts medicine practitioners
  4. To develop links with related organisations
  5. To create a forum where the medical problems of those engaged in the arts can be fully discussed
  6. To facilitate education and exchange of information in arts medicine
  7. To develop a database of health practitioners suitably trained/experienced in the treatment of artists
  8. To encourage the formation of regional arts clinics throughout New Zealand
  9. To compile lists of local and national contacts from arts professionals and other appropriate disciplines who may assist in the work or arts medicine clinics, in research and teaching
  10. To encourage the gathering of clinical data and the planning of research in the field of arts medicine
  11. To undertake any other activities which will advance the objectives of the society

*(taken from the "Rules of Arts Medicine Aotearoa/NZ")

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