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Newsletter Number 6- November 1999





While in London recently with assistance from The Todd Trust, Justin Howse, Orthopaedic Consultant to the Royal Ballet and Royal Ballet School, and Chairman of British Association of Performing Arts Medicine Trust (BAPAMT), generously set aside two hours one afternoon to meet with me and discuss the development of AMANZ, a wide range of dance and other arts medicine matters.

When I met with Justin Howse while in the UK in 1997, AMANZ was still in its formative stages. This time I was able to hand over a copy of our Strategic and Business Plans. It was invaluable having an opportunity to discuss these, and hear of the most beneficial activities of BAPAMT and also the pitfalls.

In our Plan, we have proposed a Helpline - basically an answerphone onto which people can leave their requests for information on whom to see about what. This has also been one of the most successful activities of BAPAMT.

Justin spoke of how well the music focussed conference BAPAMT has been received - Robert Ibell of the AMANZ Executive and a player with NZSO presented a paper at this. BAPAMT is in the formative stages of organising another conference for 2000 or 2001.

More on these items of interest in the next issue!

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On Wednesday 27 October, three therapists gave most informative presentations at the New Zealand School of Dance premises in the National Dance & Drama Centre. Elke Dunlop spoke about the principles of Feldenkrais. Constantly busy giving popular workshops and as well as seeing people privately, Elke described the aim of the Feldenkrais method as being "to move with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, not through muscular strength but increased consciousness of how your body works. Learn how to improve your postural habits, ease back pain, learn about breathing patterns and relaxation techniques."
Contact details for Elke: Ph: 04 934 9005 or 021 655 992

Dr Song Liu spoke next on acupuncture and the history of this fascinating form of traditional Chinese medicine. Dr Song is a qualified Chinese medical specialist from China. He has medical degrees in Western and Chinese medicine and 15 years experience in medical practice. He was Senior Lecturer of Chengdu University of traditional Chinese medicine and president of the youth doctor association in China. He is also a visiting professor and honorary adviser in Malaysian oriental medicine.

Now Dr Song is a registered acupuncturist in New Zealand and an ACC treatment provider. He works in the Wakefield Sports Medicine Clinic in Wellington and is also in charge of the Chinese medical clinic at Victoria University of Wellington. Using comprehensive Chinese treatment, Dr Song has successfully treated thousands of New Zealanders.
Contact details for Dr Song:
Ph/fax: (w) 04 381 8125

Alison Kyle gave a brief introduction to the principles of Joseph Pilates who devised a rehabilitation system which now includes exercises, machinery and its own specific approach. Alison gave an excellent demonstration of how to - and not to - use the various pieces of equipment in the Pilates studio at the NZ School of Dance.

Alison was trained as a dancer at Elmhurst Ballet School in England. Over her 18 year career as a dancer, Alison danced with the English National Ballet and London City Ballet, dancing many soloist and principal roles. In 1996, Alison retrained as a Pilates teacher in London, working at the highly acclaimed "Pilates off the Square" studio and with students at Central School of Ballet. A member of the Pilates Foundation UK Ltd, Alison moved to New Zealand in January 1999 and began working at the NZ School of Dance in July. There she works in close association with the School's physiotherapist Susie Simpson and the teaching staff. Alison is also available for personal consultations.
To contact Alison:
Ph: (w - NZSD) 04 438 0828 or
home: 383 8808; Fax: (w) 04 389 4996

Dawn Sanders QSM
AMANZ President
Ph: 04 476 8369 Mobile: 025 283 6016
Fax: 04 476 8754

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Arts Access Aotearoa was recently involved in a major Wellington festival to celebrate International Year of Older Persons. The Age of Opportunity Festival was held in the Town Hall and Civic Square on the 1st October and brought together hundreds of older adults to perform, view and enjoy a wide range of arts. Events on the day included a fashion parade of vintage clothing, displays from rest homes, line dancing and older adults bands and performance groups.

The latest publication in a series from AAA was recently launched in the Grand Hall, Parliament, by The Hon. Minister for Arts and Culture, Marie Hasler. Expanding Horizons-encouraging creative opportunities for people with disabilities highlights fifteen positive arts initiatives involving people with disabilities and encourages organisations to work with clients to develop meaningful arts options.

The Refugee sector is an area in which we are starting to develop contacts in order to promote access to the arts for people who are refugees. Contacts have been made with the Refugee and Migrant Service, New Zealand's resettlement agency, ESOL Home Tutor Service, The Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre, Refugees As Survivors and other organisations working in this field. We are keen to develop contacts with refugee communities, document existing arts involvement and encourage refugees to develop their own arts and express their creativity in a meaningful way.

Ginny Haynes, Project Co-ordinator

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We have mentioned Elke and the Feldenkrais Method in a previous newsletter and she continues to work magic with her weekly Awareness Through Movement classes and the Functional Integration sessions she teaches. Here is some information on two forthcoming courses which promise to amaze and educate.

Feldenkrais Summer School: January 24th-28th 2000.
Venue: 64 Cambridge Terrace (Buddhist Centre), Wellington. There are two options: morning group (9.15am-10.30am) or evening group (6pm-7.15pm). Fee: $75

Also in Elke's busy schedule is a 3-day retreat, a "unique experience that will give you self learning, which can lead to self development, self improvement and self-knowledge." This is a residential course and the all-inclusive fee covers accommodation, meals and tuition.

Venue: Stella Maris Centre, 16 Fettes Crescent, Seatoun Wellington.
Date: 17th-19th January 2000

Please contact Elke Dunlop for further information,
Ph: (04) 934 9005 or 021 655 992

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"Art Therapy is a means of using art for personal expression with therapeutic intent. The purpose is to empower the individual through a creative healing process. The psychotherapeutic relationship and the art making process are the key elements of art therapy. A variety of materials including clay, paint, pastels, collage, pencils etc are used by the client."

This excerpt was taken from a pamphlet advertising a day of Art Therapy held on October 30th this year. It goes on to say that art therapy workshops can benefit health professionals, social workers, community workers, therapists, counsellors, teachers, artists, parents and anyone interested in art therapy. If anyone is interested in knowing more about this interesting therapy, please contact any of the following facilitations from the Art Therapy day: Irena Stenner ph: (04) 934 8835; Janie Nott ph: 021 293 5961; Jenny Jordan ph: (04) 386 2891; Mary Brownlow ph: (04) 387 2303; Saskia Cameron ph: (04) 476 1388.

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There is to be a dance therapy conference in Melbourne, Australia, next year, February 17-20. For more information contact Dorothea Pienaar, 13 Kaimanawa Street, Paraparaumu, ph: (04) 904 3686. Dorothea is a special needs teacher at Kapiti College.

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Come & join members of Sports Medicine New Zealand to see a hilarious and sometimes poignant set of twenty short films of a 'loosely speaking' sporty/cultural/medical vein as a Christmas fund-raiser for a sports medicine cause.

Date: Wednesday 8 December 1999
Venue: Rialto Film Centre, Wellington in association with the New Zealand Film Archive.
Tickets: $10 (+ a bottle) - available from Dawn Sanders - phone/fax/e-mail/send a cheque (payable to Sports Medicine New Zealand)

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Dance Aotearoa New Zealand are hosting a Healthier Dancer Seminar led by Susie Simpson.
Details are as follows:

Date: Monday 15 November
Time: 12.30 - 2.00

Susie will speak on topics such as common injuries and their management, dance floors, supplementary training and common dance related issues such as diet. For further information please contact DANZ on 04 - 382 8463.

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JUNE 22-25, 2000, Aspen, Colorado, USA: Medical Problems of Musicians & Dancers. Interdisciplinary program for health professionals, performing arts educators, and anyone involved in the well-being of performing artists. CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: 200 words, accepted papers give 15 min presentation. Deadline December 17, '99. CME credit.

Contact: Mary Fletcher Tel/Fax 303-751-2770,
Details on website:

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Russell Tregonning (orthopaedic surgeon) will lecture on elite performers' orthopaedic injuries.

Date: November 17, 7.30pm
Venue: 158 The Terrace (CIT)
Free to SMNZ/AMANZ members, otherwise $5.00/$2.50.

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Our next and final meeting for the year/century/millennium is the Christmas Party on Wednesday 15 December at Beacon Bar & Grill, 8 Blair Street, Wellington. There will be a brief Executive meeting at 7pm, followed by the "main event" at 7.30pm. The date and time of our first meeting of next year will be decided then.

The AGM for 2000 is on February 29 at Te Whaea: National Dance and Drama Centre, 11 Hutchison Street, Newtown (former Wellington Show Buidings). Drinks at 7pm, meeting starts 7.30pm. The Agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  1. Apologies
  2. Previous Minutes
  3. Matters Arising
  4. President's Report
  5. Treasurer's Report
  6. Membership
  7. Correspondence
  8. Constitution
  9. Strategic Plan
  10. Programme for 2000
  11. General Business
  12. Election of Officers
  13. Date of Next Meetings

Apologies should be sent to Dawn Sanders, ph: (04) 476 8369 or (025) 283 6016. Fax: (04) 476 8754; e-mail:

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