ANGOA is politically non-partisan. ANGOA is hosting discussions with all political party spokespeople for the sector. Speeches they make to the ANGOA Roundtable are published on this page as they become available.

20 May 2010 icon The Role of Civil Society Organisations - A Community Perspective
18 May 2010 icon Feedback on the Social Policy Forum Discussion Document
12 May 2010 icon Whanau Ora Hui
11 May 2010 icon NZFVWO Community Enterprise & Project Development Manager
10 May 2010 icon Rahui Katene: Speech re Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill
07 May 2010 icon Hon. Tariana Turia: Whānau Ora on the road
06 May 2010 icon Hon Tariana Turia: Speech at the launch of "Pacific Perspectives on Volunteering"
06 May 2010 icon Moana Jackson: A Statement by Ngāti Kahungunu on the Government consultation document 'Reviewing the Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004'
26 April 2010 icon "Going the extra mile" — Meeting future social needs in Western Southland
21 April 2010 icon Notes from the 14 April Roundtable
19 April 2010 icon 'Social Lending' Presentation at the 10 March 2010 ANGOA Roundtable
17 April 2010 icon Progress since the August 2009 Cabinet paper & overview of OCVS work programme
29 March 2010 icon UN Committee examines NZ government's performance on civil and political rights
10 March 2010 icon Report on the 2009 survey of ICT use in Community and Voluntary sector organisations, by Prof. Ted Zorn, Waikato University
01 March 2010 icon US-NZ Comparisons: The Obama Directive and a Comparison with New Zealand
01 March 2010 icon Dr John Peet: Strong Sustainability for New Zealand
23 February 2010 icon Presentations from the 23 February Research Forum in Wellington
18 February 2010 icon The Third Sector — still innovating, despite hard times
16 February 2010 icon The Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition (WHRD IC) calls on Fiji’s military regime to end its harassment of Imrana Jalal and all women human rights defenders
16 February 2010 icon CIVICUS Programmes
16 February 2010 icon Report to the Council for International Development of the Affinity Group of National Associations' Annual General Meeting in Johannesburg, September 20–22
11 February 2010 icon ANGOA Submission: Review of the Financial Reporting Act
05 February 2010 icon Inland Revenue — Charities Education Programme
18 December 2009 icon ANGOA Annual General Meeting, 9 December 2009 — Reports and Papers
19 November 2009 icon Tangata Whenua, Community & Voluntary Sector — Government Relationship Framework
07 November 2009 icon Hon. Paula Bennett's response regarding the apparent non-inclusion, under proposed changes, of key community-run services from local authorities
19 October 2009 icon Presentations from the 21 September Research Forum in Christchurch


30 September 2009 icon Martin Sime, CEO of SCVO — CIVICUS and the North?
30 September 2009 icon Doug Jacquier, CEO of CUA — Technology, Broadening the Vision of the Possible
16 September 2009 icon Inaugural New and Emerging Community Researchers Seminar
10 September 2009 icon ANGOA welcomes Government commitment to work with Sector
10 September 2009 icon Cabinet discussion of ANGOA Good Intentions report
09 September 2009 icon Strategic Pay's 2009 Not For Profit Sector Survey
02 September 2009 icon Dr Bruce Hucker - Community Development, A Pathway to a Sustainable Future
02 September 2009 icon Notes and contact details from Recession meeting
31 August 2009 icon Sue Quinn's Presentation to the Wellington Research Forum on 26 August 2009
27 August 2009 icon Social Services ITO launches service to recognise inhouse training programmes
27 August 2009 icon From Anti Slavery to Free Trade Organic Coffee
14 August 2009 icon Rahui Katene, MP for Te Tai Tonga — Speech given to the ANGOA Roundtable on 12 August 2009
13 August 2009 icon Notes and contact details from Recession meeting
03 August 2009 icon Protest March to Parliament re Cuts to ACE Night Class Funding
05 June 2009 icon "Good Intentions" — An Assessment of the Statement of Government Intentions for an Improved Community-Government Relationship
05 June 2009 icon Hon Tariana Turia's speech at ANGOA Handover of the “Good Intentions” Report to Government
20 May 2009 icon Hon Paula Bennett's Speech at the Launch of the Community Response Fund
28 April 2009 icon Knowledge Exchange — A web-based resource for the mental health sector
25 March 2009 icon NFP course run by Institute of Chartered Accountants
25 March 2009 icon 'Cultural Identities in a Globalising World' Workshop
12 March 2009 icon Hon Tariana Turia's speech at the Centre for Global Development
09 March 2009 icon "Good Intentions" — An Assessment of the Statement of Government Intentions for an Improved Community-Government Relationship
01 March 2009 icon ComVoices Update on the Job Summit - Social Infrastructure Campaign
19 February 2009 icon Prof Gerard Quinn's Speech at the ComVoices Parliamentary Breakfast
06 January 2009 icon Open Forum and Annual General Meeting
03 October 2008 icon Make Your Mark For Mental Health
24 July 2008 icon ANZSTR Conference in Auckland — Deadline for submissions extended
18 December 2007 icon Inland Revenue Discussion Document on Payroll-giving
14 December 2007 icon Counting for More: A report of the Value Added by Voluntary Agencies (VAVA) Project
14 December 2007 icon Crisis in Bali Climate Talks
26 November 2007 icon Civil society and active Citizenship in a global society
01 November 2007 icon Sustaining Social Innovation - PLAN as an example
10 October 2007 icon Tariana Turia's speech to the ANGOA Community and Voluntary Sector Roundtable
07 October 2007 icon Wesley Community Action and Te Rununga O Raukawa co-host Strengths Based Gathering
21 July 2007 icon Foreshore and Seabed Repeal Bill
20 July 2007 icon Community Sector Taskforce announces new era in the future development of the Tangata Whenua, Community and Voluntary Sector
12 July 2007 icon MECOSS: Reviewing the Role of Funding Agencies in the Not-for-Profit NGO Sector
09 July 2007 icon Electricity Disconnections and the Hardship They Cause
21 June 2007 icon Community-Government Forum a positive dialogue
11 May 2007 icon Sue Bradford: A wish list for the sector
02 May 2007 icon Victoria University, Institute of Policy Studies: Invitation to a seminar
27 March 2007 icon Joakim Palme: Balancing Social and Economic Policy
12 February 2007 icon Government engages in one-way "partnership"
12 February 2007 icon Community Sector Taskforce Press Release
22 November 2006 icon The CommunityNet Aotearoa monthly newsletter: New Zealand Digital Content Strategy
18 October 2006 icon Proposed Changes to the Tax Rebate Regime for Charities
18 October 2006 icon COmVOiceS Update: Charity Tax Discussion Document Released
07 September 2006 icon Social Policy, Research and Evaluation Conference 2007 — Call for Abstracts
30 May 2006 icon Eve Burnett: E-forum on employment and decent work
17 May 2006 icon From the desk of the Secretary-General: Special Invitation to the CIVICUS World Assembly

Upcoming Events

25 May 2010 icon Wellington Research Forum
09 June 2010 icon Wellington Roundtable
14 July 2010 icon Wellington Roundtable
11 August 2010 icon Wellington Roundtable
24 August 2010 icon Wellington Research Forum
08 September 2010 icon Wellington Roundtable
29 September 2010 icon Christchurch Research Forum
13 October 2010 icon Wellington Roundtable
26 October 2010 icon Auckland Research Forum
10 November 2010 icon Wellington Roundtable
23 November 2010 icon Wellington Research Forum
Community Central link "Good Intentions"
An Assessment of the Statement of Government Intentions for an Improved Community-Government Relationship.

Review of the Financial Reporting Act 1993

The Ministry of Economic Development (MED) and the Accounting Standards Review Board both produced discussion documents in late 2009 and ANGOA worked with MED to organise a series of workshops on these.

Pat Hanley, Project Leader for ANGOA, was able to bring together 14 workshops around the country in the time available, and reported on the feedback to Ministry of Economic Development in December. Pat also drafted a submission for ANGOA based on input from around the country, and this was submitted to MED by the 29 January deadline.

New standards and possible templates for financial and non-financial (i.e. actual achievement) reporting by community organisations will be looked at in 2010, to assist organisations with improving their accountability and transparency for the benefit of the communities they serve and their members, donors and government agencies.

See the Final Submission by ANGOA.

See the two review discussion documents:

  1. The Statutory Framework for Financial Reporting
  2. Proposed Application of Accounting and Assurance Standards under the proposed new Statutory Framework for Financial Reporting

NZ Ministry of Economic Development

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