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27th August: Is there anything wrong with Wellington's weather?
29th September: eDay 2007 - Recycle your Old Computers for Free
Is there anything wrong with Wellington's weather?

Monday 27th August 7.30pm

Wellington City Council, Committee Room One on the ground floor (enter by atrium off Wakefield St)

Paul Bruce will share some of his insights into local weather changes, and update members on the latest with respect to climate change and peak oil. Includes 10 minute DVD made by ICLEI - Cities for Climate Protection Programme
Paul Bruce is a Meteorologist at MetService and active with groups such as Sustainable Energy Forum and ATLA. Contact:
Doors will be open 15 minutes each side of the meeting start time. However, if you arrive late, you can also use the buzzer and request the security guard lets you in.
ATLA (the Appropriate Technology for Living Association) was set up in 1992 specifically to learn about technologies for sustainable living and pass this information on to the public at large.
ATLA has public talk on the fourth Monday of each month on a relevant subject. Past topics have included NZ Wind Generation, Earth Building, House Insulation, Energy Efficient House Building, Efficient Transport Systems, a series of environmental lectures on the Race to Save the Planet, Oganic Gardening, the Oil Problem, Environmental Problem Solving here and overseas, Healthy Paints and household chemicals, Electric Cars etc.

eDay 2007 - Recycle your Old Computers for Free

Saturday 29 September

Westpac Stadium car par, Wellington

Not sure what to do with the old computer in your garage? Or the old mobile phones cluttering your drawers? How about free disposal in an environmentally sustainable way?
The Computer Access NZ Trust (CANZ) is organising eDay 2007, a free community computer recycling day for households, small businesses and schools on Saturday 29 September at the Westpac Stadium car park from 9am-3pm. This follows on from the very successful Dell Free Recycling Day held in September 2006.
The average New Zealand household has more than one computer, representing a total of over seven million electronic devices. Their eventual disposal represents a potential challenge to our environment. eDay 2007 is part of a nationwide effort by communities and industry to start to address the electronic waste problem.
Bring in your old computer equipment on 29 September – there is no charge. All computers will be broken down and the parts will be recycled for other purposes. Mobile phones will also be disposed of in an environmentally sustainable way.
Vehicle access for the Westpac Stadium car park is off Waterloo Quay. CANZ is organising the day in partnership with the Wellington 2020 Communications Trust, Remarkit, the Wellington City Council and a number of industry sponsors.
Only computer equipment and mobile phones will be accepted so please do not bring other electronic equipment. If you have any queries about the event, please contact Mike Ennis (


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