Alternative Technology and Lifestyle Association


Renewable Energies
Information about renewable energies with a forum tech centre and news section

Information on bio-diesel including tips how to make your own
How to be Fuel and Food Rich under Climate Change What bio-fuels protect our climate, and is there a "Dream" farm?

Sustainable building
Earth Building Association of New Zealand
Lots of information about earth building, articles and workshops

Other organisations
One twhose page you can find organisations which are active in the field of sustainability in New Zealand and worldwide.
Ecobob is a web based system "designed to make eco living easy" and their website provides an easy way of accessing a wealth of information on eco living in the form of eco articles, eco house profiles, forums, blogs, business listingsand more. Ecobob is designed for people to share knowledge on eco friendly living methods, such as the use of sustainable energy sources, sustainable waste systems and sustainable water usage. Ecobob ’s primary focus is on the concept of natural building, with the website including a detailed (and growing) eco house listing system.
New Zealand Futures Trust
"to help you better understand why energy prices are rising and why the increasing cost of filling your car with petrol is getting beyond a joke."