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Newsletter Issue 7 No 4,  November 1998
Tararua Wind Farm
Open Weekend

Build Your House with Water?

Embodied Energy Content
in NZ Materials

Compost Bins from
Demolition Materials

The GMO Controversy

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Editor: Clyde Lambourn
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Contributions: Andrew Alcorn, Ruth Denniston, Mary Anne Howard-Clarke, Graham McKenzie, Simon Prout.

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A few words from the President…

Hi everyone. This edition of ATLA News considers several important issues. For a start, genetically modified food is now a reality, whether we like it or not. Non mandatory labelling means we don't know whether we are eating it or not, so we have no choice here - what price democracy?

Andrew Alcorn draws our attention to the amount of energy embodied in the materials from which we build our houses. As energy is priced at a premium, both in dollar terms and environmentally, it makes sense to minimise its consumption. Andrew puts forward options to consider.

Graham McKenzie from Wanganui might be 68 but his mind is alert to making the best use of materials to hand. He is another example of the Good Kiwi Alternative Life-styler and contributes his tried and tested version of the complete do-it-yourself compost bin, complete with construction drawings.

But first, Simon Prout updates the Tararua Windfarm project.