Alternative Technology and Lifestyle Association


The Renewable Energy Display Trailer is the first major project by the Association.

The Trailer is used to display operational examples of equipment that can utilise renewable energy sources. There are also examples of house insulation, double glazing, etc. People can handle the equipment, see how these pieces of equipment work and relate this to their own home and lifestyle.
The Trailer is displayed at public functions, like field days, festivals and Mardi Gras, and is invited to visit schools, Polytechs, Universities, Conferences as well as other sites.

At the same time as the development of the trailer, ATLA is compiling educational resource material aimed at primary and secondary schools to tie in the iterms on the trailer with the Science and Technology Curricula.

Some of the projects that are planned for the future or are already in progress are:

  • an Alternative Lifestyle and Technology complex.
  • a library that members can access for information and research purposes
  • a resources centre.