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Welcome to the NZERN website

NZERN is a non-profit, community-driven, membership-based organisation dedicated to sharing knowledge and experiences about ecological restoration in our special land – Aoteroa-New Zealand. NZERN is a legal entity. Most of our resources are shared via the web, but we also organise and participate in field days, seminars and restoration projects.

It is accepted that there is an urgent need to rebuild our lost and broken habitats and their populations of indigenous plants, animals and microbes. Much of our natural heritage is below critical mass or is dysfunctional. The need to protect and restore the environment is enshrined in the laws of the land and international agreements. But it is also what people want to do – tread lightly and coexist with nature. They generally want to do it with other people and this mends souls and human communities as well ecosystems. We hope we can be a useful part of this movement.

The green band at the top of the home page directs you to our main topic areas


Purpose, conferences & branches, membership – how to join, publications & projects of NZERN.

   Regional Info

All about the area you live in.

   What's on?

Noticeboards, forum, chat, calendars, email newsletters, volunteering, student projects.


Protection, maintenance & restoration of native ecosystems. Plant selection tools and guidelines or references that will assist you or your community to carry out ecological restoration - from getting started to monitoring results. Site details: finding out about ecological restoration sites throughout the country and recording data about your own site that others can access (but not alter).


Resource information & directories. Knowledge bases relating to land resources, plants and animals, bibliographies and articles, maps and downloads.


Community groups, iwi, native plant nurseries, government and local government organisations, DoC, suppliers, funding sources, who's who.

An important basic reference for ecological restoration is the handbook published by the Canterbury Conservancy, Department of Conservation: Protecting and Restoring our Natural Heritage – a practical guide (2001). It’s available on the DOC website at http://www.doc.govt.nz/Regional-Info/010~Canterbury/Protecting-and-Restoring-Our-Natural-Heritage/index.asp , from public libraries or DOC offices for $12.

Our website continues to evolve and not all operations are currently functional. We welcome feedback and assistance. office@bush.org.nz


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