Cooperative Housing Association of Aotearoa New Zealand

The 3rd Economic Sector

We in CHAANZ seek to contribute to building a sector in our country's economy, which lies between the polarised extremes and inefficiencies, of the private and public sectors. A 3rd economic sector, represents the economic interests of civil society institutions that work for the common good - institutions that encourage the creation of wealth, and provide opportunities for authentic work, as traditional jobs disappear.

Specifically, what distinguishes this 3rd sector from the public and private sectors, is its enhancement of societal capital in the following ways:

  1. A universal benefit approach to meeting basic needs in health, education, welfare, housing and employment creation;
  2. A community / commercial mix, that neither takes, nor pays interest;
  3. Seeks to lower public and private debt - to enhance NZ's overall economic wellbeing;
  4. Seeks efficiencies in the creation of substantive extra wealth to benefit the common good through higher levels of economic cooperation;
  5. Concentrates upon New Zealand's renewable energy efficient resources;
  6. Seeks to modify the excesses of the public and private sectors.

We believe a strengthening of the 3rd economic sector is best achieved through the development of an appropriate housing delivery system, allowing the basic shelter needs of the marginalised to be met, without adding to current debt.

The CHAANZ methods, we believe, have the capacity to establish independent and financially sustainable community housing associations.

Therefore, we have made the following commitments:

    to choose a low-producer costs regime for house construction;
    to finance such housing construction without borrowing;
    to make maximum use of the present rental Accommodation Subsidy;
    to grow a culture of financial cooperation for the common good.

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