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The Cooperative Housing Association of Aotearoa New Zealand (Chaanz) is a charitable trust whose aim is to make housing more affordable for all. The Trust seeks to co-ordinate building a range of independent and sustainable community housing projects. In our judgement, the provision of a wide range of urban and rural housing options, is key to the economic, social, and environmental well-being, of all our people.

Why is Housing so critical?

In recent years the effect of globalisation has resulted in an almost complete penetration of the NZ market-place by overseas-owned financial institutions. This penetration - especially of the property market - fuels a cycle of debt. Investment in other areas of the economy suffers.

Another consequence of speculative investment in housing, is that it becomes less affordable for housing needers - especially for people at the family-forming stage and those on fixed-incomes. A growing number of people find they are maginalised by falling income and insecure job-tenure. Social cohesion deteriorates. Two-thirds of poverty, now recorded, has direct links to the high cost of peoples' housing.

An estimate of 70,000 houses are needed to relieve the present shortage in New Zealand. Construction and finance for such a number of new houses through the private mortgage market and/or government subsidies alone - would "blow-out" public and private debt.

Housing affordability is THE PROBLEM. Is there a solution?

We in Chaanz believe there is. A practical solution lies in a civil society-centred approach to the delivery of new housing. It is an approach which will implement what the UN Istanbul Declaration (1996) terms, "partnerships at all levels". In other words, we believe New Zealand needs a strong and independent 3rd economic sector, which will allow civil society agencies like ours, and government, to work together to finance and build what the business development model, welfarism, and charity; each taken separately; have not been able to do - to make housing more affordable!

We believe the best way to build a robust, sustainable,
wealth-producing, third economic sector, is through partnerships
at all levels, between civil society agencies & the government,
to create more affordable housing and new work opportunities
that will better ensure our country's future social cohesion.

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