Cooperative Housing Association of Aotearoa New Zealand


Trimdon Street Manurewa, Manukau City - Four houses built on land owned by the Pax Christi/Just Housing Trust.   Financed by an interest-free loan.   Houses have been occupied for four years. Families are stable.  A study has begun into comparative welfare costs of Just Housing "light-handed" administrative regime, which puts the childrens' stability first.

Cole Place TeAtatu, Waitakere City - Two "starter houses" erected by the Just Housing Trust, on land "borrowed" from a Catholic parish.   Construction financed by income gained from other Just Housing rental houses.   For a viable self-funding housing scheme 15 starter houses required.

Flood Victim Housing Panguru, North Hokianga - Four houses fabricated in Auckland and erected on private sites in the Hokianga.  Financed by a public appeal.   Providing services to isolated houses eroded scarce community resources.

Eco-village Wiahou Valley, North Hokianga - In response to the great need for decent housing and the lack of resources to produce it in the Hokianga region, CHAANZ and the North Hokianga Housing Trust ventured to begin building a prototype house as a forerunner for a rural eco-village.

Researching Wooden Window/Door System A feasibility study by CHAANZ/Cabash to cut building costs. A sawn-timber methodology. At the prototype stage.   Work continues...,

Modular Two-Storey House Design work completed for a four-module house. CHAANZ beginning construction at Auckland housing factory.

Launch of the Bare-Foot Builders' Campaign: With the prospect of cost reductions through our research into wooden window and door production, and factory-built housing modules, can give comparative advantages to those who use these systems. Chaanz is lobbying civil-society interest groups to back a rural house-building programme which we have called, "the Barefoot Builders Programme".

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