Cooperative Housing Association of Aotearoa New Zealand

CHAANZ uses a panelised, light timber-framed, construction technology. Plywood is used as external cladding. All building materials are locally sourced. The framing timber is dimensioned, using specifically designed cutting and panel jigs. The panelised components are assembled on-site. The system is being extended to factory-finished modules which can be assembled on prepared sites.

Financial Methodology
Chaanz seek partnership with other institutions that contribute to meeting housing need - especially in high-value urban areas - by building rental housing, on existing community-owned land. This is key to CHAANZ's urban housing strategy: to support the creation of regional not-for-profit housing agencies, and establish revolving Building Funds from the income from the rental houses.

Community Development
The income from such not-for-profit rental housing, can then be used to build permanent "shared equity" housing on purchased land. The right-to-occupy the new housing stock thus created will be inter-generational. The rents would cease after a time (approximately 15 years). A "license-to-occupy" would be gained, for the lifetime of the family, plus 50 years!

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