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New Zealand’s environment is under attack...
from its own Government.
MAJOR DEVELOPMENT PLANNED - KEEP OUT(Beehive) Prime Minister Jenny Shipley wants to push through major changes to the Resource Management Act that will drastically reduce environmental protection and take away the public’s right to have a say.
What is the RMA?

What does the Government want to do?

Business and the RMA

How can you help?

Buy shares in the environment.

What is the RMA?
....That’s now under threat.
The Government wants to introduce drastic changes to the Act to fast-track development at the expense of the environment.

What does the Government want to do?
Imagine... SUBDIVISION BONANZA - no questions asked! wake up one morning to find the stand of native bush neighbouring your home has been turned into stumps...
....on your way to work you see a billboard announcing a major new multi-level apartment block on the site of the town’s only remaining historic building... read in the paper that a developer has been given approval to clear an area of bush. The bush is kiwi habitat...
If you’d known, you would have done something.... But the public wasn’t told.
These are just some of the situations you could find yourself in if proposed changes to the RMA get the go ahead.
Under the Government’s plans, local councils will be given more power to say “Yes” to developments without any public input. The first thing you could hear about a new development is the sound of bulldozers moving in next door.
If the Government gets its way, your right to have a say could be taken away.

It gets worse...

The Government wants to let developers choose who processes their resource consent application.

At present, resource consent applications are processed by local councils. But the Government wants to hand over consent processing to the private sector.

Under the Government’s plans, private consultants could get to decide how much information the developer has to provide and who - if anyone - gets a say.

What’s more, the developer would get to choose the consultant!

For their part, consultants would be out to attract as many clients as they could by:

Point 1 requiring less information,

Point 2avoiding public notification,

Point 3making favourable recommendations.

There’s more...

The government also wants to:

Point 1lessen environmental controls on developments


Point 2remove the requirement to make all decisions subject to the Act’s sustainability principles.

Exploding the Myths: Business and the RMA
The Government says the RMA is too costly and slow and that it’s “holding up development”.
Let’s look at the facts:

Point 1the majority of resource consent applications are processed on time;

Point 2most councils subsidise the costs of getting a resource consent application by more than 50%;

Point 3less than 1% of resource consents are ever declined.

Not surprisingly, most businesses see the RMA as legislation worthy of their support;  surveys of businesses consistently show there is general satisfaction with the Act.

You’ve got to ask:

How much quicker and cheaper can it get without putting the protection of our environment at risk?

FOR SALE - New Zealand's Environment

What can you do?

Join the campaign.

Action for Community and the Environment (ACE) is a coalition of leading environment, heritage, recreation and community groups which have joined forces to protect the RMA. Members include ECO, Federated Mountain Clubs, Fish and Game New Zealand, Greenpeace, New Zealand Historic Places Trust and World Wide Fund for Nature. Together, we’re campaigning to ensure New Zealand’s unique environment and heritage are protected today and for the future.


To sign up or for more information contact: ACE, P O Box 11-057, WELLINGTON
PHONE: (04) 385 9013, FAX: (04) 499 2954 EMAIL:

We need your help.

You can also show your support for the campaign by investing in Shares in the Environment. Ten thousand shares have been floated at $5 each to raise funds for the defence of the Act.

Shares are on sale now and can be purchased through ACE’s Wellington office.

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