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(Incorporated Society)1995.


Eco Action Network was formed as an Incorporated Society in 1995 to work for the protection and enhancement of the natural environment in the Wakatipu region around Queenstown in West Otago in the South Island of New Zealand.

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Eco Action Can be contacted by email on or through P.O. Box 917, Queenstown

Feel free to telephone Colin Day on (03) 441 1345

Eco Action Newsletter. November 2001.

Dear Eco-Supporter,

A short, informal newsletter to fill you in an invite you to get involved.

In this newsletter:

1. New Council - Hurrah!

2. November Meeting Cancelled

3. Call to all ye Eco-Warriors

4. Remarkable Wastebusters Successes

5. Wilding Tree Control Bowls on or Bowls over!

6. Pigeon Island Planting - Yes! Come Planting

7. Feedback - Please


1. New Council - Hurrah!

What we have all been waiting for for a few years. Looks like being just the sort of Council we need to reverse the

trend and really start looking after our environment in the Wakatipu and start earning our undeserved "clean-green


With the likes of Clive Geddes, Wayne McKeague and Barry Lawrence we should see strategies for development,

management and environmental mitigation. And it is up to us to see that they deliver on their promises and clearly what

the majority of people in the area are asking of them.

Congratulations must go to Lakes District Community Association (LDCA) for a job extremely well done. They were

instrumental in getting people motivated to vote and informing people about the candidates.

So now is our opportunity to ensure that changes are made.

The committee is approaching Clive Geddes with a view to meeting with the new council to discuss co-operation and

involvement. Wow! Such marvellous concepts!


2. November Meeting Cancelled

As previously mentioned, we were due to have our monthly Eco-Action Network meeting today being the first Friday of the month. Mike Stone is away in the Caitlins tending his forest and after some discussion with the other committee members, it has been decided that there is no reason to hold a meeting. Next meeting scheduled for 7th December. I will send out a notice prior to that.


3. Call to all ye Eco-Warriors

We had no reason to hold the meeting partly due to a lack of impetus from the organisation and perhaps due to our successes. We have a small committee this year and need more people to get involved. So if you want to join our happy tribe of eco-warriors, please contact one of the committee, Alan Preston, 442-7517; Mike Stone, 442-6215; Colin

Wilson, 442-9754 or myself, 442-4119. Doug Smellie is away until the new year.


4. Remarkable Wastebusters Successes

Remarkable Wastebusters has worked hard over the last 21 months as you may well have noticed. We have raised the profile of waste management, encouraged and fostered recycling, and generally brought awareness on the whole area of waste minimisation to the Wakatipu. Indeed, recycling and waste minimisation was one of the key election issues. Much credit should go to Wastebusters for that.

We were very pleasantly surprised by the offer of Scope Resources of $10,000 towards waste minimisation and recycling. It was an eye opener and an ice breaker. (Scope Resources manage Victoria Landfill). We are currently deciding how best to utilise this donation - if you wish to input, come along to the next meeting (12th November, 6pm REAP Centre).

Wastebusters is currently working on various initiatives with the local schools and has been unofficially invited by the new council to put together a discussion document on waste minimisation strategies. Go team!

5. Wilding Tree Control Bowls on or Bowls over!

Wilding Tree Control continues. We have completed the programme for 2000/2001. We cleared all the scattered outliers in Long Gully and Dirty Four Creek, cleared two thick areas in the Arrow Gorge (below VIII-mile Creek and opposite Hayes Creek) and started clearing on the slopes of Coronet Peak (below the Conservation Reserve - incidentally, next time you go out that way, cast your eyes along the slope below the Base facilities and see just how many of them there are up there. They are starting to resemble a young forest like the Council one next door to the West of Arrowtown). We have also started clearing beside Bush Creek on the flanks of German Hill (near the Sawpit Gully track behind Arrowtown). Council funding for the current year 2001/2002 will be used to complete work in the Arrow Gorge, more on Cecil Peak, and continue with the areas on German Hill and Coronet Peak.

The Council has also asked us to develop a wilding tree control management strategy for the Wakatipu. They are providing $20,000 to start the programme. We aim to start next Autumn, concentrating on Skippers and possibly Long Gully initially. Dates have not yet been set, but we will have more volunteer days. Let us know if you are interested.


6. Pigeon Island Planting - Yes! Come Planting

You may well have read in the local papers that Neil Simpson, John Wilson and Richard Struthers have formed the Wakatipu Islands Reforestation Trust to replant natives on Pig and Pigeon Islands. So far they have held two planting

weekends in September and October. The last one is next weekend, November 10th and 11th and they have squeezed an extra day Saturday 3rd.

So if you would like a fun trip to Pigeon island and a chance to get your hands dirty planting natives, contact Neil Simpson on 442-2035.


7. Feedback - Please

Ideally we would get together, members and committee more than once a year (other than our AGM). That would give us the feedback we need to determine whether we are doing the right things and what sort of things you would like us to do.

In lieu of this, here is an opportunity for you to let us know - by replying to this e-mail.

What would you like to see Eco-Action Network doing?

Are we fulfilling your expectations?

Do you want to get involved?

Thank you for your continued support………..

…………And for those of you who still haven’t paid your subs., this is a gentle reminder!

Colin C. Day

November 2001