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Penguins need Trees


Trees mean shade

Fat and feathered, the Yellow-eyed penguin is insulated for fishing in the depths of the cold sea.  But when the penguin is not fishing, it lives on land.

Under hot sun, the penguin swelters under its thick layer of body fat.

It needs the protective shelter of cool forest. 

Trees mean penguin chicks

The Yellow-eyed penguin is so shy that if another penguin can see its nest, it won't produce chicks. The penguin needs forest for privacy.

One Penguin Chick
No trees means no home.

People have destroyed coastal forest. We milled it for wood and burned it to create farmland.   The Yellow-eyed penguin is one of the rarest penguins in the world and lack of forest is one of the biggest problems it faces.

Degraded Forest Landscapes



You have the power to provide
a penguin with a home ...


Please     Donate - a - Tree      
Appreciated... As a tree donor you ensure a reliable, steady supply of tress for penguins by making a regualr automatic payment.  You receive a special tree donors' newsletter and are always very welcome to visit the nursery.
Donate - a - Tree  Nursery
Forest Restoration
You choose... You donate as many trees as you like but the more trees, the more forest for penguins. One tree costs $3.00 to produce.  A secure penguin nest needs 10 trees so the cost of one nest is $30.  Each month you could donate enough trees for a new penguin nest.
Easy... to become a tree donor simply decide the amount and frequency of your donation. 

Then print out this Automatic Payment form and fill in the crossed sections on the form.

Donations are tax deductable and will be receipted annually.


Please send the completed form to:

Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust,
PO Box 5409,
New Zealand