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There is a growing public awareness of the plight of this endangered penguin. The Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust, with other conservation groups and agencies and landowners, are working urgently to restore safe breeding grounds, fence off areas, reduce or eliminate predators, and in every possible way give these unique birds a better chance.

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Your membership is an expression of concern, and a real contribution to this penguin's future.

You will be sent newsletters keeping you in touch with the progress being made towards the conservation of the yellow-eyed penguin.

Give a Donation

The money will be used to improve the chances of the yellow-eyed penguin by:

  • fencing breeding habitats
  • revegetating nesting areas
  • protecting existing forest habitat
  • enabling landowners to reserve land
  • purchasing land where appropriate
  • studying and controlling predators
  • funding research to further identify the conservation needs of the penguin
  • undertaking educational programmes
  • providing information about the penguin.

Your subscription and/or donation will help the Trust achieve its aims and ensure that the yellow-eyed penguin continues to come ashore on the southern coasts of New Zealand.

You can help by sending a donation to :

The Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust, PO Box 5409, Dunedin

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