Yellow-eyed Penguin


Where do you find Hoiho ?

Watching the Yellow-eyed Penguin

Penguins are most likely to be seen in the late afternoon and evening when they return from their day's fishing. Yellow-eyed penguins come ashore singly, or in small groups. Be patient and stay hidden - the penguins are timid and easily frightened.

Enquire at the following centres about suitable locations for viewing penguins:

The Information Centre,
1 Thames Street, Oamaru
Tel: 03-434 1656
Dunedin Visitor Centre,
Upper Octagon, Dunedin
Tel: 03-474 3300
Catlins Information Centre,
Department of Conservation,
3 Main Road, Owaka
Tel: 03 415 8371
Visitor Information
Southland Museum & Art Gallery, Queens Park, Invercargill
Tel: 03 214 6243
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