Barbed Wire Border


Barbed Wire Border

The French made world headlines when they detonated the first of seven planned nuclear explosions at Mururoa Atol, deep in the heart of the South Pacific ocean. As the world was waking up to the news, Hr@G members were making their own headlines expressing the outrage most New Zealanders felt towards the French government. Greenpeace led the initiative helped in Wellington by the Hr@G. Hr@G Protestors in Action

Hr@G member Heidi Bentz Ashe on the steps of Parliament

Hr@G Protestors in Action Whether it was handcuffing yourself to the French Ambassador's Renault, going undercover as a business man to evade security at the French Embassy, or scaling the roof of the Ambassador's residence, Hr@G was keen to help communicate to the French Regime that nuclear testing is no longer acceptable. Our commitment brought us into the world media spotlight but more importantly reinforced New Zealand's proud anti-nuclear stance.

Hr@G helping Greenpeace bring the message home to the French Ambassador

For all those involved, the experience of non-violent direct action was exhilarating. The work involved a big time commitment along with a willingness to get arrested and generally pushed around by the diplomatic protection squad. But then the French Government did shorten the number of proposed tests and shortly afterwards agreed to discontinue testing. They are now a party to the the Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty. Our next goal is abolish nukes by the year 2000... Hr@G Protestors in Action

The unusually friendly battle lines

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Barbed Wire Border

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