Page Last Modified: 26 November 1998 9:40am (NZST)

Welcome to the BND section of HRAG. Over the next two weeks, Food Not Bombs (FNB) and HRAG will be working to organise the 7th International Buy Nothing Day on Friday November 27th for the Wellington Region. [ What is Buy Nothing Day? ] [ Buy Nothing Day (International) ] [ Buy Nothing Day (Auckland) ]

Buy Nothing Day (update 26/11/98)
Friday Nov27th
10am-3pm @ Cuba Mall in Wellington, there will be a stall and leafletting and
awareness of BND will take place.  From 12-2pm FREE FOOD will be given
away by FNB.  Hope to see you all there!

Buy Nothing Day (update 18/11/98) The people from "Food Not Bombs" and the "Human Rights Action Group" got together last night and have planned for the BND day next Friday (Nov27th). If you would like to help participate (ie: help be at stalls, postering, cooking, banner making, etc..) then please let me know. Or if you'd like to be on the BND Emailing News then click it, and write a note to let me know, and you'll get updates of our progress, and what you can do to help. Dates to watch out for! Wednesday 25th - postering Thursday 26th - bannering, cooking Friday 27th - Buy Nothing Day If you'd like to find out more info (ie: dates, and times) for these then join the Free BND Emailing News now!
Buy Nothing Day (update 13/11/98) * 17 Nov - planning meeting for International Buy Nothing Day, 6pm at Peace and Environment Centre, 126 Vivian Street. This meeting will comprise of people from Food Not Bombs as well as HRAG members and any one else who would like to come along. See you there!
Buy Nothing Day (update 31/10/98) Material for Buy Nothing Day is currently being gathered by myself. If you would like to help in the information gathering process and the distribution of these then please email me and let me know you'd like to help. ie: postering and stuff like that. Apparently the organisers that organised BND for Wellington will not be doing so this year as they have moved on, thus I'd like HRAG to organise it this year with the help of our beloved members.