This year we have two types of membership to make it as easy as possible to join. The two different categories enable us to have people interested in the group from a wide variety of places that don't have to be at Victoria University, or even in Wellington, or even in New Zealand. It ensures that all people can join regardless of financial wealth, or lack thereof, and yet contribute to the greater cause of human rights issues that needs constant addressing.

Member & Supporter membership types.

Member   Supporter
cost $5 per year   cost $0 per year
receive emails, phone calls, mailouts, journals, discounts on group events & t-shirts  

receive emails & phone calls only

your $5 helps towards mailout costs and the printing of journals as well as enabling us to do more things with the knowledge we have some fiananical support from members.   supporters are welcome to participate fully in all group events, but we do encourage you all to become a "Member".
current members: 30   current supporters: 130


To Become A Member Or Supporter,

write to

HRAG, c/o VUWSA, PO Box 600, Wellington, New Zealand

cheques payable to "Human Rights Action Group"