Don Husni

As a woman, I do know clearly how valuable this dignity is for a woman or I can even say it's invaluable. My heart was crushed when I noticed this article in one of the Indonesian newspaper ("KOMPAS" published on the 5 June)

The night after the riots on the 13 May1998, Andina, a 26 year old lady, thought that the situation was calm, went back home with her boyfriend by a motorcycle, in West Jakarta, Indonesia.

Never had she dreamed that she'd be one of the victims of the extremely immoral, inhumane and shameful deed done by a group of people who suddenly came out from nowhere she knew.

At the time, she couldn't even imagine what they'd do to her. All she could remember was that she was pulled from her motorcycle, her jacket and all her belongings were taken off, even the medicine she got for her parents was taken. One and the only thing she could think of doing was "God.....please help me......"

Andina couldn't remember what was done to her, with all the strength that left she tried to reach her boyfriend, who planned to propose to her on the 17 of May, and found him lying hopelessly cried for forgiveness "Forgive me Sir.......I'm just an ordinary person".

At the meantime, those inhumans still weren't satisfied and wouldn't give up till an old man tried to free the innocent couple. Even the police who tried to help them was thrown with stones.

It was reported that most of the sexual harassment and raping victims are the young ethnic Chinese ladies, even a 12 years old victim was found. And most of this inhumanity was done by at least more than five people, I even dare to say the word "inhumanity" is still much too meaningless to describe these human beings. Moreover some of the victims were hurt after being raped and those women who I might say luckier were taken off their clothes, tortured and humiliated.

From a bystander:during a Bank (in Gajah Mada St) was burned down, the panic female employees who were running out of the building were even being harassed.

So far only few hundreds cases were found, since most of the victims were so hopeless and scared to speak out especially there's no protection for them and moreover of the strong racism towards the ethnic Chinese in Indonesia.

"'s so hurt, I speak out in hoping that one of them can understand how I feel and won't repeat it to somebody else", said Andina with her watery eyes .

Sorry to say that I'm so regretful to had assumed myself as a part of this country, which I think where I was belong for I was born there, grew up there, trusted what I was taught in school about the one country, one unity, one dignity, no racism, religious toleration, and finally found out that I was being fooled by all these nonsense or are there exist only when Susi Susanti won as the world NO.1 Badminton player?

In this almost hopeless moment, I still hope or at least wish that the silent crying of all the innocent people will be heard by the world and the people who did the inhumanity will realize what they are doing........

Probably, you'll understand why I say almost hopeless after knowing the case that a man ( a friend of mine) who is on his way driving to his office was stopped by a few teenagers (12-15 years old) who threathened him for money or they'd break his windows. These are teenagers the "next generations" to whom this country is putting all the hope on........

Hoping something helpful I could do..........

The least I could do at this moment is "To thank all of you so much for spending your time listening, it's really meant a so much................"


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