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The Chief Executive
Shell New Zealand
PO Box 2091,

Dear Charles Harrison,
I am writing to express concern over the activities of the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Recent reports from respected environmental and human rights organisations along with building media attention on the issue has led me to to take the action of no longer purchasing any Shell products until positive transparent steps are made to improve your parent company's operations in Nigeria.

Recent articles in the Listner and Harpers Magazine, television documentaries such as Channel Four's "Delta Force" and comprehensive reports such as Greenpeace's Shell-Shocked: The Environmental and Social costs of living with Shell in Nigeria (1994), Human Rights Watch Africa Report on Nigeria (1995), the World Council of Churches report Ogoni - the struggle Continues (1996), and more recently, the Independent Annual Report (April, 1997) put out by Oilwatch, all lead me to conclude that Shell's oil exploration operations in the Niger Delta have led to widespread environmental devastation and that Shell's close economic relationship with the Nigerian military government made it necessarily complicit with their execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa and the "Ogoni 9".

While the activities of Shell New Zealand seem distant from the difficult situation of Nigeria, I believe that one of the only ways to send a clear message to the directors and shareholders of the Shell Petroleum Development Company is to discontinue supporting your activites within New Zealand and to encourage others to behave likewise. Shell might like to consider some of the following steps as a way foward:

Should Shell display genuine goodwill and recompense to the Ogoni people after almost 30 years of economic exploitation and environmental destruction, I would be happy to reconsider my heartfelt decision to boycott your company.

Yours faithfully,


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