Medical and Administrative frauds made by the Quebec Government

Jean Godbout Laval


Please have a look at how two "medical experts" doctors destroy my life,contesting discal hernias for the benefit of the "compensation board"; the Quebec CSST.

With two ruptured disks causing a bilateral sciatalgia, I had to go back to my machinist job, lifting weights up to 125 pounds (57 kilos) during 2 1/2 months over my hernias.Today, I'm declare disable by my doctors, with perifical neurological disfonctions and my chronic pain is very severe, something that they are still trying to contest....

The CSST first accept my reclamation for discal hernias, they where visible on a CT-SCAN and where diagnose by my doctors, including a neuro-surgeron and a physiatrist before I wass contest.

I have collected many indications showing that the CSST doctors lied and cheat. Strangely, the CSST doctor signed his report on February 15, 1994, sent it to the CSST on February 16, 1994, and on February 17, 1994, whereas I was " supposely " consolidate and cured and suited to work, I was hospitalized to receive a first epidural infiltration there, and in the protocol, the physiatre wrote:

Symptomatology: Bilateral Lombosciatalgie, positive CT-SCAN, level implied L4-L5 and L5-S1, put in positive radicular tension at bilateral. Moreover, without me to make any examination of setting in radicular tension, and no examination of the reflexes to the lower limbs, this doctor of the BEM
wrote in his report:

"Considering the data of our clinical evaluation of today, whereas we do not find limitations of the mobilization of the dorso-lumbar column, whereas we do not find any spasm of the paravertébraux muscles of the dorsal area or the lumbar area, whereas we do not find any sensitive driving anomaly or reflex on the level of the one and the other of the lower limbs".

CSST Doctor

It is certain which it nothing found, he admitted under assermentation in front of the Committee of discipline of the College of the doctors that it did not make me strip! How one can, in good faith, to affirm that there was no sensitive deficit with the lower limbs, whereas to come to this conclusion, it is imperative to make the examination of it, and he admits not to have done it. This examination is practised directly on the skin, and not through trousers jean.

Do they have eyes bionics these doctors " inspector " (but who admits not to have examined me) of the government, would be this a secrecy of State which our deputys hides us?

To say how the legislation envisages an immunity for these mercenaries and whom they
cannot be prosecuted for an act achieved in good faith in the performance of their duties...! And the democracy lives...Us, the doctors who " work " on behalf of the government, one can destroy your life, to well badly make you, to worsen and you it hard-working, you cannot sue us...

"We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful
words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the
good people".
- Martin Luther King Jr.

I invite you all to be witness of the medical and administrative frauds made by the government of Quebec (CSST + BÉM) to the détrimens of health, security and physical integrity of " his " victims... These criminal acts are done with considering and with known government of Canada which prefers to close the eyes...! A parody of justice, without regard for the Bill of the rights and freedoms of the person, with for principal actors of the people in the need. A true shame for the democracy. They made me disable.
Jean Godbout Laval, Quebec Canada, the country which violates the humans right.

For more details: 111 pages of evidences...
Jean Godbout Laval, Quebec Canada, the country that rape human rights!