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Barbed Wire Border

The campaign to free the tiny country of East Timor has been going on for over twenty years. New Zealand, Australia, and the rest of the West (except Portugal) officially remain quietly complicit with the ever-growing economic and military power of Indonesia despite numerous UN resolutions, human rights reports, and personal testomonies. Led by Colin Isles, the close-knit Wellington peace community remains in solidarity with the Timorese people. Hr@G has joined the growing numbers of activists seeking Timorese self-determination. Hr@G Protestors in Action

CHOGM protests

Hr@G Protestors in Action Indonesian Independence Day is usually celebrated in high style by the Embassy in Wellington. Foreign dignitaries from worlwide are welcomed to the party inside while we host our own kind of gamalong noise machine outside.
When activist Manu Caddie upset diplomatic channels with the burning of an Indonesian national flag, Hr@G members supported him through the Court ordeal.

Protesting outside the Indonesian Embassy, Wellington

On campus, Hr@G staged an impromptu protest of the New Zealand Airforce recruitment drive. The RNZAF currently trains with the Indonesian military - known human rights abusers. They didn't return this year but they still co-operate closely with the Indonesian regime.

Sadly, despite the noise, there is little progress in the Timorese fight for self-determination. The New Zealand government's policy of 'quiet diplomacy' effectively means business as usual. East Timor will remain an important issue for us until justice is done.

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Barbed Wire Border

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