Disturbing Signals from Senator Kerry


Sen. Kerry voted for the Patriot Act. He voted for the resolution that

allowed Bush to invade Iraq. In this brief, the Council on Hemispheric

Affairs notes another disturbing fact: Sen Kerry's stated policies on

Latin America look like his opponent's.


 Sen. Kerry woos hard-line Cuban right; risks marring his reputation as

an advocate of a more principled foreign policy.


The Democratic candidate could witness a substantial bloc of voters

defect to a possible resurgent Nader campaign, which could cost him


in swing states, and even sway the election.


 Outflanking Bush on the right regarding Cuba and Venezuela could

dangerously ignite these issues, as occurred in the first Bush


when the U.S. invaded Panama in 1989. Kerrys Latin American script could

have been written by Roger Noriega and Otto Reich.


 The Democratic candidate: sterile on Cuba and Venezuela, good on Haiti.


In a series of foreign policy formulations in recent days, the


Democratic party presidential nominee, Senator John Kerry, has issued a

number of statements on Latin American-related subjects which, if

anything, appear to outflank on the right the Bush administrations

extremist regional policymakers, as he shamelessly panders to the

anti-Castro paranoia of a group of aging but wealthy Cuban-American

ideologues in South Florida, and rich Venezuelan expatriates in Coral

Gables. His two primary targets have been President Hugo Chavez of

Venezuela and Cubas Fidel Castro. While commendably finding fault with

Bush policy regarding Secretary of State Powells failure to protect the

Aristide government in Haiti, Kerrys rhetoric regarding Cuba and

Venezuela is reminiscent of barren Cold War strictures which, for all

purposes, places him in the same extremist ideological bracket as the

administrations two chief Latin American policy makers; the State

Departments Roger Noriega and the Bush White Houses Otto Reich.


Guerrilla News Network - March 30, 2004