Latin American Report


Article Index: Aid/Relief

Title Country Date
Retiring USAID Head Vents Frustration Regional Sept 5
Self-Sufficiency Increases in Rural Areas Mexico August 30
All Poverty Should Not be Treated Equally Regional August 20
US Cuts Off Aid to Peru's Intelligence Service Peru August 7
US House Votes to Cut School of Americas Funding Regional August 7
US "Discreetly" Eases Cuba Embargo Cuba August 1
Poverty in Bolivia to Stay for Generations Bolivia August 1
World Bank Fighting Poverty in the Dark Regional June 26
Rich Countries Forgive Some Debts Regional June 25
Land Reform and Poverty Alleviation Project Brazil June 23
Low Inflation Has No Effect on Poverty Argentina June 23
Export Our Filth to the Third World Regional June 13
Reagan and Guatemala's Death Files Guatemala June 10
Donors Plan Central America's Transformation Regional May 30
World Bank Project will subvert Brazilian Land Reform Brazil May 12
Foreign Debt Tibunal -- Verdict Brazil May 12
Brazilian Bail-Out is an Environmental Time Bomb Brazil April 29
Hurricane Mitch and George Regional April 29
More Land Takeovers in Brazil Brazil April 17
Commentary on US Decertification Process Regional March 27
World Bank Urged to Boost "Green" Energy Regional March 27
Clinton's Offer to Cancel Debt Regional March 27
Death to Monsanto, Say World Scientists Regional March 14