Latin American Report


Article Index: Economics

Title Country Date
The APEC Meeting: Property Rights over Human Rights (Again) New Zealand Sept 15
Chiapas War for Oil? Mexico August 31
Army and Rebels at Stand Off Over Chiapas Road Mexico August 31
Regional Strike Against Canadian Mining Companies Peru August 31
Self-Sufficiency Increases in Rural Areas Mexico August 30
To What Extent Does Investment Equal Growth? Regional August 30
Activists Slam "Slow Track" to NAFTA Chile August 28
Has Privatisation Met Expectations? Puerto Rico August 23
Indigenous People Still Facing Colour Gap Peru August 20
Fears of an Increase in Cocaine Production Peru August 20
All Poverty Should Not be Treated Equally Regional August 20
Indigenous Communities Bank on Solar Energy Ecuador August 20
Caracas Lurches Left and Rejects Markets Venezuela August 20
Some Marpuche Sign Pact. Others Protest Chile August 12
Peruvians March Against President Peru August 7
US "Discreetly" Eases Cuba Embargo Cuba August 1
Poverty in Bolivia to Stay for Generations Bolivia August 1
Globalisation Threatens World Cultures Regional July 24
Farmers Turn Agricultural Waste into Mushrooms Colombia July 24
Women Lag Behind on UN Index Regional July 24
Castro Speech to Latin American/Caribbean and European Heads of State meeting Cuba July 9
World Bank Fighting Poverty in the Dark Regional June 26
Rich Countries Forgive Some Debts Regional June 25
Land Reform and Poverty Alleviation Project Brazil June 23
Low Inflation Has No Effect on Poverty Argentina June 23
Mega-Forest Project Sows Discord Chile June 23
Latin American Economies in 1998 Regional June 21
Export Our Filth to the Third World Regional June 13
Living 100 Years Free of Stress or Heart Attacks Ecuador May 30
Donors Plan Central America's Transformation Regional May 30
Popes, Prostitutes, and Prisoners Cuba May 23
Grasping the Goods Regional May 23
Mexican Student Strike - Broader than in 1968 Mexico May 23
Informal Sector - A Billion Dollar Lifebelt Mexico May 23
Indigenous Leaders Arrested in Land Struggle Chile May 22
Peruvians Strike Against President's Policies Peru May 15
Cuban Pharmaceuticals Look For Ticket to Europe Cuba May 12
World Bank Project will subvert Brazilian Land Reform Brazil May 12
Foreign Debt Tribunal - Verdict Brazil May 12
Oil Companies Face Human Rights Abuses Colombia May 3
Brazilian Bail-Out is an Economic Time Bomb Brazil April 29
Cigar Smokers in a Quandry Cuba April 29
Hurricane George and Mitch Regional April 29
More Land Takeovers in Brazil Brazil April 17
US - Banana Republic Regional April 7
World Bank Urged to Boost "Green" Energy Regional March 27
Clinton's Offer to Cancel Debt Regional March 27
Death to Monsanto, Say World Scientists Regional March 14
Demonstrations as Economy Hits the Skids Ecuador March 11
Civil Society and the Future of the Nation State Regional March 6
European Law Makers Urge Redistribution of Wealth Regional March 2