Latin American Report


Article Index: Politics

Title Country Date
The APEC Meeting: Property Rights over Human Rights (Again) New Zealand Sept 15
Retiring USAID Head Vents Frustration Regional Sept 5
Chiapas War for Oil? Mexico August 31
Army and Rebels at Stand Off Over Chiapas Road Mexico August 31
Regional Strike Against Canadian Mining Companies Peru August 31
Activists Slam "Slow Track" to NAFTA Chile August 28
Has Privatisation Met Expectations? Puerto Rico August 23
Army Tightens Noose Around EZLN Mexico August 23
Caracas Lurches Left and Rejects Markets Venezuela August 20
Some Marpuche Sign Pact. Others Protest Chile August 12
Drugs: New Pretext for US Intervention Regional August 11
Further Update on Pinochet Chile August 7
US Cuts Off Aid to Peru's Intelligence Service Peru August 7
Peru's New Army Chief is Close to Controversial Advisor Peru August 7
Peruvians March Against President Peru August 7
US House Votes to Cut School of Americas Funding Regional August 7
Statement on Barry McCaffrey Proposal Colombia August 5
Colombia Loses Secret Weapon Against FARC Colombia August 5
US "Discreetly" Eases Cuba Embargo Cuba August 1
Cuba's Scathing Attack on US/NATO Cuba July 25
Propaganda War Fuels Tension in Chiapas Mexico July 24
Documents Should Lead to Indictments of Kissinger and Bush Chile July 14
Castro Speech to Latin American/Caribbean and European Heads of State meeting Cuba July 9
Shining Path Guerillas Back in Action Peru June 26
Rich Countries Forgive Some Debts Regional June 25
Land Reform and Poverty Alleviation Project Brazil June 23
White House Feuding with CIA over Guatemala Killings Guatemala June 23
Low Inflation Has No Effect on Poverty Argentina June 23
US Proposes Intervention Forces for Latin American Crises Regional June 13
Reagan and Guatemala's Death Files Guatemala June 10
US Navy Used Depleted Uranium in Vieques Puerto Rico June 10
Donors Plan Central America's Transformation Regional May 30
Popes, Prostitutes, and Prisoners Cuba May 23
Mexican Student Strike - Broader than in 1968 Mexico May 23
Chilean Indigenous Leaders Arrested in Land Struggle Chile May 22
Peruvians Strike Against President's Policies Peru May 15
World Bank Project will subvert Brazilian Land Reform Brazil May 12
Peace Negotiations Resume Colombia April 29
Venezuelan Referendum Venezuela April 29
The Left and Latin America Regional April 29
Colombian Army Bombs Indigenous Communities Colombia April 26
Chilean Arms Dealer Chile April 26
Spanish Judge Throws More Charges at Ex-Dictator Chile April 26
More Land Takeovers in Brazil Brazil April 17
Paraguayan President Resigns Paraguay April 17
US - Banana Republic Regional April 7
New Book "PsyWar on Cuba" Cuba April 6
"The Current Bombings" by Noam Chomsky Regional April 4
President Impeached, Vice-President Murdered Paraguay March 30
Millions Vote in Rebel Referendum Mexico March 30
Pinochet Menu - Some Post-Decision Comments Chile March 30
Commentary on US Decertification Process Regional March 27
Clinton's Offer to Cancel Debt Regional March 27
Guatemalan Truth and American Apologies Guatemala March 22
Govt Accused of Undermining Indigenous Rights Chile March 14
Carlos Fuentes on "A Victim of Pinochet" Chile March 14
Civil Society and the Future of the Nation State Regional March 6
European Law Makers Urge Redistribution of Wealth Regional March 2