Live from Coastal Zone Canada 98:
Join locals and specialists from around the world,
Help plan actions for creating real community based participation/co-management,
Learn more about different monitoring and survey techniques,
Hear what other people are doing.
31th August to 4th September, 1998 (New Zealand)
August 30 to September 3, 1998 (Canadian)
What we are
an action-orientated approach helping people take the initiative in re-creating their local places -- plants, animals AND people.

Overview:  action on the national and international level
Highlights from Introductory Workshops:  key concepts in brief
Field services:  walkabouts, information and training, programmes and events -- all the information plus a brochure to download and print
Monitoring and Surveys as Action Research:  locals and specialists working together
Employment Opportunities:  neighbourhood biology teams -- science workers and community facilitators -- throughout the country
How are these services possible?
Who we are
What we support
all kinds of community based participatory activities by offering the following features on this website

Community News Bulletin: events and info from around the country
The Byway of the Weka: a forum for community participation issues
Activities Network: projects -- from ideas to established -- with that positive difference
Catchment Homepages: cyberspace for projects on this large scale
Our Turn: for and by young people involved with ecology where they live
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Neighbourhood Biology extends a special message to:

Tangata Whenua
Councils/Govt bodies
Tertiary institutions
Social, Community & Youth groups
Environmental groups
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