The Whaingaroa Environment Community Group (WE), was set up by concerned groups and individuals in May 1997 to respond to the issues outlined above. WE provides links between the diverse groups in the community and management agencies. The WE group coordinates a communicative Catchment project with those who share a common vision for a healthy harbour and catchment.

The WE group is modeled on a community-based coastal ecosystem management project in Canada - the Atlantic Coastal Action Program, and aims to provide the opportunity for everyone interested to become involved in managing local resources, and contribute to the well-being of the catchment.

WE includes representatives from:
and more!


WE has close links with agencies responsible for coastal ecosystem management - Environment Waikato, Waikato District Council, Ministry of Fisheries, and the Department of Conservation. These management agencies recognise that whilst they each have separately defined roles in working with the community; effective ecosystem management involves co-ordination and integration of effort - with the community as the common link.

WE also draws upon the specialist technical knowledge of: Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research NZ Ltd., National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd., AgResearch NZ Ltd., The Waikato Polytechnic and University of Waikato.

The Whaingaroa Catchment pilot project is supported by a grant from the Ministry for the Environment's Sustainable Management Fund.

WE also have office space for their computer and library display space provided by Waikato District Council.

WE will continue to:

WE is committed to developing a comprehensive, long term strategy to deal with environmental problems and for managing the resources of Whaingaroa Harbour Catchment in a sustainable way.

For further information, contact Sarah Moss.

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