Changes at Gardiner's Gap, Motutapu:
why aren't there as many shellfish here this year?

Place: Beach at Gardiner's Gap Neighbourhood: between Rangitoto and Motutapu Island
City: Regional council: Auckland

The usual beds of pipi and tuangi on this beach are changing, according to findings collected by the Devonport Conservation Corps and Cheltenham Beach Caretakers. During the annual sampling of this beach, the tuangi were hard to find. This is in marked contrast to the results of sampling here since 1992.

Another change at the beach is the new appearance of  a certain kind of mud, about 20 cms deep and of the consistancy of whipped cream. It is found on the Motutapu side. Long strands of green algae is growing on part of this mud. It is unlike the firm sand generally found on this beach.

More information is needed about what is happening here. If you know anything about this beach, especially over the past year, please contact Georgina grevilee or Scott Macindoe.

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