Review of Resource Management Act underway: community groups must speak up

Attention all Community and Environmental Groups
Special announcement from ECO (Environmental and Conservation  Organisation)

All groups should be aware of the review that is underway on the Resource Management Act. Controversial proposals put forward in the McShane Report have serious implications for  neighbourhood environments and community participation. Urban environments will be particularly affected.

The thurst of the report is awayfrom meeting sustainability imperatives. It seeks to open the way for even more market-driven planning and environmental mangement. The McShane 'Thinkpiece' has been released by the Minister for the Environment together with three commentaries.
One is by Guy Salmon of the Maruia Society. Professional bodies such as lawyers and the New Zealand Planning Institute have been invited to collate submissions. There is no formal invitation to NGO's or community-based organisations.

The Report is available from your regional Ministry for the Environment Office, or on-line from the Minister's Website: It is important to read the commentaries as well as the McShane report itself. The deadline for submissions is June 30.

For further information about the implications of the report, contact 'ECO' ( Environment and Conservation Organisation) - ECO is the Wellington umbrella organisation that acts to lobby the government on the views of member environmental groups, working closely with other national  organisations such as Forest and Bird. The ECO website is: http//
Email is, ph/fax: 04-385-7545.

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