Schedule of Events for : Tuesday 1st September 1998

Start of Transmission
Theme: The Need for Science in the Coastal Zone.
Chair: Dr. Brian Bornhold, University of Victoria.
Time Session
8:30 AM Keynote: "The Clash at the Shore: engineering versus the scientific viewpoint"
Dr. Orrin H. Pilkey, James B. Duke, Professor, Geology Dept., Duke University, Durham, NC.
9:15 AM Keynote: "In the Face of Disaster - Science for People and Nature"
Dr. Jon Lien, Professor, Ocean Sciences Centre and Psychology Department, Memorial University of Newfoundland.
10:00 AM Coffee Break
10:30 AM Transmission of one of the following:
Session A2: The Richibucto watershed case study
Session B2: Ecosystems under stress: Indicators and solutions
Session C2: Renewable resource management
Session D2: Science and public participation
Session E2: Physical processes in the coastal zone
12:30 PM Lunch Break
2:00 PM Workshop: Community-Based Decision-making
Facilitator: Dorli Duffy
Chair: Carole Donaldson
Breakout Group Leaders:
  1. Mary Gardner
  2. Ken Mackay
  3. Hugh Govan
5:00 PM - 9:00 PM Repeat transmission of conf papers which were given earlier on this day.
End of Transmission

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