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Field services

More than a website, Neighbourhood Biology means "hands on", "in the field" services. Our contributions are friendly, innovative and fun, all custom tailored to the needs and interests of local people and places.

Pick from the following -- you will find both information and inspiration. If you have a special request, please ask us and we will do what we can to help.


  • What do we really know about our places?
  • How do we learn to read the local land and water?
  • How do we develop our knowledge about local ecology as a group of neighbours?

We can help develop and join with your group in special journeys around your neighbourhoods and catchment. These can take a few hours or an entire day or more. Their purpose is to bring together people in a special quest, an experience of their local places in a way which shows up the state of local ecological opportunities.

For more information please email.

Workshops and seminars

  • How could the Neighbourhood Biology approach work in your area?
  • How to actually set up a monitoring programme of local land and water?
  • How to conduct surveys about local questions?
  • How to collect oral histories about local places?
  • What to do with results?
  • How to get people involved?

We offer a variety of general and specialist programmes ranging from an evening’s talk to a three day intensive. We present our information and perspective, then work alongside you in creating what suits you and your places. We draw our techniques from the social and natural sciences, from art, from the situation at hand. Our emphasis is on developing specific action plans which meet your needs.

Highlights from Workshops

Programmes and events

  • Are you holding a gala, a conference, a community event of some kind?
  • Want something unique to interest and involve your participants?
  • How about featuring your local places? Your local oral histories?

We can help with the design and delivery on "one of" items and events which bring people together about their local ecology. Displays and "on site" demonstrations. Fun events, which showcase local interests or help collect vital information on which to build future projects

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  • Is it time to get people in your neighbourhood or catchment together?
  • Or does your group need new direction and inspiration?
  • Are there sticky controversies or emerging ecological issues which have you all wondering?

We can help with organisation and facilitation, with problem solving, with bringing together the many players for joint discussion and action.

If there ever was a time to consider our places and our people in a life enhancing way, that time is now.

Neighbourhood Biology Brochure

You can print out a NBio Brochure, photocopy and circulate it.

The Brochure is two sides of an A4 page. and be folded in three. Print each page as it appears. You will need to use the BACK button to return from each Brochure page.

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