June 2000

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NikauEnvironmental Educational Field Centre
Report on the proposed establishment of a Trust for an Environmental Educational Field Centre on the property of Dick Roberts in Todds Valley.
A gathering was held on Saturday May 13th on Dick's property to explore the above concept. About 30 great people attended representing a wide range of fields and bringing a huge amount of experience. Dick has owned his 100 acre property for 32 years. There are thousands of trees planted on the land which has been managed using ecological principles for multiple land use. The property exhibits concepts such as long term sustainable land use, biodiversity and tree crops for every microclimate. Basically Dick is proposing transferrring the property to a Trust to be used as a field centre for science based environmental education. I facilitated the day and was truly impressed at the ideas and commitment that came through.. I feel this is a project well worth the support of the Environment Centre. It has amazing potential - the list of possible activities was exciting to say the least. I have long felt that education is the absolute basis for a positive environmental future and it was so good to be reminded that many others hold to the same belief. Watch this space for developments and give me a call if you'd like to know more Ange Palmer Ph: (03) 522 4178 (until September 2000)


Environment Centre to go ON-LINE
The creation of a web page for the Nelson Environment Centre has been launched this month. While it is likely to be several months before we have a fully operational site, Nick Young (of Native Forest Action) has initiated things and established a temporary "Under Construction" page at Our web page will benefit members (and anyone who accesses it from anywhere in the world for that matter) by: Allowing us to "post" newsletters on the web (saving postage and paper). We will build a database to send out notices of new editions to those members who elect this option Keeping an updated calendar of events Advising of significant submissions deadline dates Establishing convenient links to other local (and national) sites and or contact information Maintaining an "Eco Website of the Month" section to expand our ecological horizons Allowing for modern day "telephone tree" actions for items of urgency Once it is up and running we intend to maintain our web page on a monthly basis and Paul Denton has offered to provide this support. If you have any questions, suggestions etc please forward them to . Watch the next newsletter for our web site address.


Top Up Funding for Worm Farm Initiative
The Environment Centre welcomes requests to assist in "one off" funding support for local environmental initiatives. This month we are pleased to be providing support for a Worm Farm Initiative at Nelson Central School on Nile Street. Jenny North (of the Te Wharerangi Community Garden Trust in Golden Bay) will be working with Year 3 / 4 students and keen teachers of the Kahikatea Syndicate at Central School to set up worm farms in the coming month. It is hoped to be able to build on the success of similar initiatives at Hampden and Clifton Terrace Schools. Requests for "top-up" or "one off' type funding are considered at bi-monthly meetings of the NEC Committee. We are particularly keen to support grass roots initiatives (in this case just below the root line!).


This is the theme of this years ECO (Environment & Conservation Organisations) Annual Conference which will be happening in Nelson from 25 - 27 August at the Tahunanui Conference Centre. The urgency of issues like climate change, deforestation and pillage of the oceans, have not diminished despite more than 30 years of campaigning in Aotearoa/New zealand. There are many options to tackle environmental issues with new technologies and approaches emerging all the time. However there is little agreement on what are the most effective ways of addressing the need for environmental change. At the 2000 ECO conference we will focus in on developing effective strategies to promote sound environmental management. It will be an opportunity to hone skills, analyse and debate issues of corporate and political power and learn from our collective experiences. We will be bringing together people working on environmental issues from all over the country to discuss these issues. There will be workshops, debate, and case studies looking at campaigns in the Nelson region. Speakers will include campaigners, commentators, and politicians. The conference is an opportunity to step away from the day-to-day battles, and issues of survival, to reflect on creating the world we want. This years conference is intended for members of environmental organisations and other citizen groups. Set in the well equipped 54 hectare Tahuna Beach Holiday Park, a short walk from Tahunanui Beach. For a copy of the registration pack contact the ECO office,PO Box 11-057, Wellington, email: For more information contact Derek Shaw ph. 548 7537 or Richard Frizzell ph. 548 3147.


With my return to the Mainland, I have been able to put a bit more time in here at the Recycling Centre, not that the place has suffered in my absence! Edwin does a great job of organising the team and Bronwyn does a great job of the administration. We're now contracting Kerryn Squires to take school groups through - which is wonderful because she can give that very important job the attention it deserves. We are wokring in with the City Council on the school tours now, ensuring pupils get to see the Composting Centre next door, the Recycling Centre and then the Transfer Station. Some groups even go to the York Valley landfill for a look. This gives students a good grasp of the whole waste system. We have also been talking to Bill Ayers of Motuekas Laughing Dog company. He is keen to establish a kerbside collection of some recyclants here in Nelson. It is a user pays system whereby households pay a joining fee to belong to the Laughing Dog club which supplies special bags to place recyclables in. Only these bags will be picked up by Bill from the kerbside once a week. A great system for those of you who are keen to recycle and don't mind paying a little bit for it. We would like to encourage as many households as possible to support this initiative. We may also be working more closely with Bill here at the Recycling Centre itself - you will be informed! > > Happy recycling! Willi.


A friendly reminder that subs for 2000 are now due for payment. It saves us a lot of time and effort which leaves more time for important environmental issues if you renew your membership of the Centre without us having to send out a special reminder. The membership rates remain at the same very modest level, however we always welcome donations if you feel you can afford a little more. A membership form is available here. Please take the time to help us and send it in with your payment today to PO Box 715, Nelson.

Committee Members:
Derek Shaw 548 7537
Willi Borst 548 5760
Matthias Otto 546 4647
Paul Denton 546 6648
Marcus Felber 548 3785
Richard Frizzell 548 3147

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