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The Native Forest Action campaign has taken on a new intensity of late. With 15 arrests in two weeks our financial situation is somewhat stretched.

In order to pay for lawyers, court costs and possible fines we have established the Fighting Fund. If you feel that you would like to assist us financially please send a cheque to:

Native Forest Action Fighting Fund,
PO Box 836


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Recent events ....

The NFA campaign began with the well known occupation of Charleston Forest in 1997. This was a direct action intended to stop native logging in one of New Zealand's last remaining lowland rainforests. Since then the battle has spread over the whole country and evolved in many ways. It has increasingly involved politics and education. Huge progress has been made in raising public awareness and in making the logging an election issue. However, the focus on Non-Violent Direct Action remains an important part of the campaign. Ultimately we want to stop the logging right now and getting in the way is a good way to do it. More and more people are coming to the Coast from all over the country with a burning desire to take direct action.

No Loggers up this road today!!

On 25 January a group of about 40 people from Native Forest Action, Buller Conservation Group and Forest & Bird erected a blockade on the 4 mile road into Charleston Forest. A gate was chained across the road and a tripod erected in a symbolic blockade. The intention was essentially to stop the destruction simply by putting ourselves between the loggers and the forest. The police arrived and asked us to move aside. When we refused they sent for reinforcements and a paddy-wagon. Eight people sitting in a line across the road in front of the blockade were arrested and charged with intimidation!! The maximum penalty for this charge is 3 months in jail. All eight appeared in a Wextport court and were found not guilty!! Read press release?.

Native Forest Action activists being led away by police on the 4 mile blockade


On February 2nd the logging helicopter was targeted. Steve Abel locked himself to the chopper's rotor mechanism using a D-Lock around his neck. Bridget Gibb attached herself to one of the wheel struts by locking her hands together inside a steel tube.

native Forest Action activist locked on to the heliharvest helicopter

Five support people were arrested at the airport and charged with trespass. They were there to support Bridget and Steve and ensure that they were not harmed. In spite of many Timberlands contractors being allowed to hang around and hurl abuse at the two activists, the five support people were quickly arrested and removed from the airport. They pleaded not guilty and were discharged without conviction.

Steve was cut from the top of the helicopter with bolt-cutters. He was charged with "unlawfully getting upon a helicopter without colour of right". He has pleaded not guilty.

Bridget was eventually removed from the helicopter by local firemen who used a large petrol driven grinder to cut through the steel pipe just inches from her fingers. She has been charged with interfering with an aircraft.

Both these people are to face trial by jury in Greymouth later this year.

Keep an eye on this page for more updates!!

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