They claim that we are hypocrites because we are "ignoring" these other issues. Not so. In fact, the protection of the lowland native forests of this country is consistent with the broader meaning of "sustainability" as understood by the world’s environmentalists, and environmental organisations.

To apply Timberlands logic we ought to be sustainably selling our children into prostitution (not all of them, just those that we can replace easily - it will help them contribute to economic growth), sustainably selling our grandparents to glue factories (not all of them, just some - the ones that would die anyway), sustainably harvesting paint from the Mona Lisa (because it is a valuable type of paint and we could sell it in the tourist industry). In reply to this, at a public meeting on the West Coast in mid September this year a critic of NFA said "ha, that’s all wrong because unlike paint trees re-grow." And in response a local Maori burst forth and bellowed "You try and re-grow a moa!" Of course, extinction is forever, and this is what this is about.

Rimu Wood-chips !!!

chipped rimu

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