Timberlands is a government owned enterprise.

The forests they log are owned by the NZ public.

We must say NO!

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Timberlands are using the so called "conservationist" argument (contra preservationist) that the use of certain resources need only be sustained at certain levels for such harvests to be environmentally legitimate. While this may be naively true, such arguments tend to be put forward by those who have no genuine interest in environmental protection as such, and are looking for political excuses to justify their existing (profits) harvest. Examples of this are common in the fishing industry, and like those fishing industry heavy-weights who make sure that Ministry of Fisheries data is ignored by the Government when setting catch quotas, the logging heavies like Timberlands will do anything to ensure that they get business as usual. They will even claim that they are protecting these forests better than we can. Don’t be fooled. The stakes are high which is why they are putting up such a fight. If we were not being effective they would be ignoring us. So keep it up and help us sustain these ecosystems for their own sake, for the sake of our ancestors, our children and their children…