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As well as visual images, this slide show contains a subtext designed to illuminate the complex issue of 'sustainability' and the way Timberlands have redefined the concept to serve their own economic interests.

You can either click on a particular slide that you want to view, or go through the show in sequence. The latter is preferable because the subtext will only make sense if seen in the correct order. Press the > button to go to the next slide or the << button to return to this page. If you click here you can read the subtext as a whole document.

  1. Fallen Giant
  2. Timberlands Skid Site
  3. Rimu Wood-chips !
  4. Rimu Toilet Seats
  5. Sawdust Graffiti
  6. Rimu Corpses
  7. Timberlands West Coast Ltd. - Proudly Destroying our Natural Environment
  8. Picketing A Timber Merchant
  9. West Coast Pine For West Coast Mills
  10. Eco Streakers !
  11. Letter Writing Campaign
  12. The Letters
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