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  • Daily Star Dhaka "The Daily Star is a national, independent English-language daily published in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Internet edition is a selection of news and features from the newspaper, collated into a weekly digest in the USA. It is an attempt to present information, opinion and research from a South Asian perspective." (I couldn't say it better myself.)



  • Borneo Bulletin (Brunei) Fairly current, fulltext local and regional news. In English.



  • China Business Journal
  • China Daily
  • China News Digest China News Digest (CND) is a voluntary non-profit organization aiming at providing news and other information services to readers who are concerned primarily about China-related affairs. News is available in English and in Chinese. The Chinese news may be read without special viewers in a graphical WWW browser such as Netscape. But it may take a while to load the files.
  • Guangzhou Ribao Guangzhou News ranging from the local to the international. Should be current within a day or two. In Chinese with an English News link.
  • People's Daily Official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party. Overseas Edition also available. Current full-text Chinese news, with archived news available also. In Chinese, with Chinese GB Code System available for downloading.
  • What's New in Shanghai Shanghai Links to three Chinese papers: the Shanghai Star, which publishes business news twice weekly in English; Jie Fang Daily, and Xinmin Evening Daily, both of which have current full-text news in Chinese (you will need Chinese fonts loaded). Archived issues are available for all three papers.

Hong Kong


  • The Hindu (Madras)
  • Indian Express Bombay Current full-text Indian news. With searchable archives and news section; classifieds and sports available. In English.
  • News India--Times Online An online version of a weekly newspaper serving Asian Indians in the U.S. Current events and community news, with a focus on news of interest to Asian Indians.


  • Jawa Pos Rather confusingly organized, but there's full-text regional news in there. It looks as if some news in English is forthcoming, but currently only news in Indonesian is available.
  • Kompas Online Djakarta Full-text Indonesian and world news, current within a few days. Some news in English available, otherwise in Indonesian.
  • Republika Online Current full-text news in Indonesian. The news in English is not as current.


  • Asahi Shimbun / Asahi Evening News (Tokio)Very current Japanese and world news in English. The Japanese version is available at
  • Chunichi Shimbun Nagoya Current news briefs in Japanese. You will need Japanese fonts loaded to read this. English version is in the works.
  • Japan Times Online (Tokio)Current news summaries from Japan. In English.
  • Kyodo News Tokyo Some news in English. You will need Japanese Windows fonts to read the news in Japanese.
  • Mainichi Shinbun (Tokio) Osaka Serious news, extremely current and full-text, from Osaka. 45 articles available daily. You will need Japanese Windows fonts. In Japanese.
  • Nihon Keizei Shimbun (Japan's Wall Street Journal).
  • Pacific Stars & Stripes (published in Japan)
  • Toyama Shimbun Toyama At least some full-text news. In Japanese, and you will need your Japanese Windows fonts loaded.
  • Yomiuri Shimbon Tokyo Links to The Daily Yomiuri, an English language newspaper with many articles from Yomiuri Shimbon. You will need the appropriate Windows 3.1 fonts to read this newspaper in Japanese.



  • Kathmandu Post Kathmandu Still under construction, this site offers fairly current local and Nepali news. Some back issues are included.


  • The Dawn Karachi. Pakistan's largest English language newspaper. It has a daily on line free edition.
  • Pakistan Link A Pakistani-American weekly circulated coast to coast. Latest news from South Asia and community news.




  • CyBerita--Berita Harian Singapore's Malay paper. Full-text news, updated daily. In Malay.
  • Lianhe Zaobao Full-text news articles in Chinese. You'll need Chinese Windows fonts to view these articles.
  • The New Paper In English. Current articles covering Singapore news.
  • Singapore Business Times Full-text articles, updated daily. Concentrates on business news; however, also carries some local and world news and features. In English. Archive available.
  • Singapore Daze A twice weekly news bulletin featuring local news from the Singapore media.
  • The Straits Times Top world, regional, and Singapore news stories, full-text and current. In English.

South Korea

Sri Lanka