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The following sites are referred to elsewhere in this site. They are gathered here for your convenience.

This list of other NGO and related sites was found using the YAHOO! search engine.

http://www.igc.org/beijing/barriers.html Barriers to NGO Participation: October 1996 report on barriers to NGO access at the U.N. Fourth World Conference on Women, with recommendations for change.
http://www.igc.org/cci/ Center for Citizen Initiatives - San Francisco: NGO/PVO focussed on using American volunteers to promote sustainable development and job creation in Russia & Ukraine.
http://www.io.org/~dexter/ Buchanan, Dan: Pointers to various government depts (primarily Canadian, but also US and Other). Also, pointers to NGO, Canadian, US and other.
http://www.apc.org/ APC: A worldwide partnership of member networks dedicated to providing low-cost computer communications services for individuals and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working for environmental sustainability, universal human rights and social and economic justice.
http://wn.apc.org/beijing/beijing.html South African NGO Secretariat for Beijing: The South African delegation to the Beijing Women's Conference.
German NGO Forum on Environment & Development: Coordination of German NGOs to enforce the decisions passed in Rio 1992, particularly Agenda 21.
NGO Park: Provided to introduce nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations in Japan which are working for public good in various fields.
http://www.psdn.org.ph/rafi/rafi.htm Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.: NGO committed to re-shaping the future by involving itself in the enabling of NGOs, PVOs and POs into a sector capable of democratizing development initiatives.
http://www.zevallos.com.br/iad/ Instituto de Apoio ao Diabético: ONG sem fins lucrativos visando a melhoria da condicao de vida dos diabeticos no Brasil. Non-profit NGO that seeks the improvement of the living conditions of the diabetics in Brazil.
http://www.amda.or.jp/ Association of Medical Doctors for Asia - Internet Station: offers activities of AMDA, and other NGO's. Database of tropical medicine also provided.
http://www.ireb.com/ireb_en.htm Institut de Recherches Scientifiques sur les Boissons (IREB): NGO financed by alcoholic beverage producers involved in research on the effects of alcohol. Searchable bibliographic database.
http://www.web.apc.org/~econews/ EcoNews Africa: an NGO initiative that analyses global environment and development issues from an African perspective and reports on local, national, and regional activities that contribute to global solutions.
http://ecnet.ec/municipio/welcome.html Municipio del Distrito Metropolitano de Quito: tourist visit of Quito, the culture in Quito, Quito in figures, Embassies, NGO and Public Institutions, High Schools.
http://www.icf.de/Lighthouse/ Lighthouse Berlin: charitable NGO planning to open a hospice for people with AIDS in Berlin; page is for informing and fundraising.
Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe: FEEE is a network of 18 European NGO's aiming the promotion of environmental education in Europe.
http://www.womensnet.apc.org/beijing/ Beijing'95, Women, Power & Change: Information about the UN Fouth World Conference on Women and NGO Forum on Women '95.
Southeast Asian NGO Conference on Food Security and Fair Trade: Consulting firm servicing primarily cooperative and self-help organizations.
Kakehashi To Chernobyl: A voluntary NGO providing assistance to the people affected by the disaster and acting for the Homestay Program,inviting children to Japan to recover their health.
http://cci.glasnet.ru/ EcoLine: Independent non-profit environmental information site: NGO's, fundraising, and more.
LinkNGO: Non profit; main activity to be an electronic link to the NGO in South India.
http://www.freeway.org.hk/ Hong Kong Freeway: Encouraging wider use of the Internet in the public sector; enriching the content of local public information on the World Wide Web; and strengthening the presence of local NGOs on the Internet by providing and developing Internet services for them.
http://www.princeton.edu/~mlevy/ Global Environmental Policy Research Tools: International cooperation, national governments, NGOs, global change institutes, publishers, educational materials.
http://www.charitynet.org/ CharityNet: Info on charities and NGOs, mostly UK but also worldwide.
http://www.comlink.apc.org/fic/ Foundation for International Communication (FIC): Aims to serve and improve communication amongst NGOs, alternative media, institutions and individuals.
http://www.pactworld.org Pact International: Facilitator of organizational development for both nascent and established NGOs around the world. Programs in countries throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
Afghanistan-France: information service provided by AFRANE and the CEREDAF (Paris) about Afghanistan and NGOs from the French-speaking area working in Afghanistan (mostly in French).
Green Geneva: Guide to international environmental activities in the Geneva area; includes NGOs, United Nations system and other organizations.
http://www.tmg.co.uk TMG Hypermedia: Create realistic hypermedia distribution strategies for a range of clients (from the corner shop to major international NGOs).
http://www.web.net/~sap/ South Asia Partnership: Forges partnerships with grassroots NGOs working at the village level and, through long-term programs, strengthens their capacity to manage participatory community development programs.
http://www.africaonline.com/ Africa Online: Chronicles the daily lives of African communities with daily news reports by local African news networks, and from various NGOs.
http://www.soros.org.mk/ngo/en/ngo.htm Index - Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs): Links to AIESEC, CRIC, ECHO, GVC, IASTE, IFMSA, IREX, and MASA.
Russian Northern Fleet: Describes problems the Fleet is experiencing with its nuclear-powered vessels and the storage of spent nuclear fuel and other radioactive waste.