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How this Site is Arranged

The intent of this website is to bring together the major issues of common global concern in one place, so people can get a complete picture of the global situation and what needs to be done; as such, this site is best read from the top of the index to the bottom, rather like an ordinary book. Alternatively, you may be after specific information or a specific topic.

You'll find the documents, as you work your way down the index, get more and more specialised; actually there are subindices to make navigation easier when there are several documents on a particular subject.

The State of the World documents describe the current global situation - economics, politics, culture, human rights and globalisation.

Vital Trends pertains to the environment, resources and conservation, energy, food, health, living conditions and jobs.

Policies and Guidelines for Survival describes ways in which this world we're living in can be made more just, humane, healthy, sustainable - and why individuals, corporations and politicians must be made accountable for their actions.

World Scientists' Warning to Humanity is how many leading scientists around the world see the current situation, which as far as they're concerned is grave indeed.

World Convergence will, when ready, present documents describing how a better world society can be created, as will Planning for the Future and Working Together.

A Guide to the Use of this Site (where you are now) defines all those unusual terms and acronyms that appear elsewhere in the site; provides a host of links to other NGO and related sites; and later on will provide a bibliography and so forth.


There are four phrases you need to know; the rest of the time just click where it suits.

  • Home Page actually takes you back to the main index page.
  • Index, if available, returns you to the subindex you came from.
  • Go to Bottom and Go to Top move you between the top and the bottom of the document. In some documents there are extra links at the base of the document among the author information, if any, so they are useful in that respect at least.

Some documents are very large, and have a "table of contents" at the top to let you jump direct to a section. Use your browser's "back" control to return from one of these links.

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