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National - What's on

17 February 2000

*** NATIONAL ***

~ PMA NEWSLETTER - the latest PMA Newsletter is now on our website, if you do not receive a paper copy then you can check it out at

~ COMPUTERS FOR EAST TIMOR PROJECT - still needs transport for computers to go from Wellington to Auckland; if you can help with this please contact Stauart Sontier, tel (09) 620 6018,

~ 18 February - Announcement of the winner of the Roger Award for the Worst Transnational Corporation in NZ in 1999, 12 noon, Cathedral Square, Christchurch - from the Square, we will proceed to the winner’s building.
The seven finalists for 1999 are: News Ltd, which owns the INL media chain; WestpacTrust; Tranz Rail; Monsanto; Telecom; Waste Management and TransAlta. For more info contact Murray Horton (for the Roger Award organisers - Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa, GATT Watchdog, Corso), Ph/fax (03) 3663988 day/night, PO Box 2258, Christchurch

~ 25 - 26 February - WILPF (Aotearoa) national AGM at the Friends Meeting House, 113 Mt Eden Road, Auckland - shared meal at 6pm on Friday 25th followed by speakers on topics of interest; the AGM will start at 9am Saturday 26th followed by a shared meal at 6pm. Laila Harre, Minister of Women’s Affairs will speak at 7.30pm, an opportunity to find out what the priorities are for the Ministry and the new government. All welcome.

~ 4 March, Riverside Music Festival for Environmental Peace, 12 noon to 8pm at Riverside, Moutere Valley (near Nelson). Main speaker - Nandor Tanczos; bands, soloists and DJs including Project, The New Druids, Bunyip, Rapata, Michaela and Saali plus demo tapes of loads more bands ! Stalls with info on environmental issues, speakers on aspects of care for the environment. Tickets $5 on the day at the gate. Sponsors required. For more info contact Jessie, tel (03) 526 7033 x22; fax (03) 526 7037;

~ 8 March - International Women’s Day - launch of World March of Women 2000 in Auckland and Wellington, to be confirmed, for more info on launch events tel WILPF (09) 360 8001 or (04) 383 5688, or check out PMA’s email ‘what’s on’ listings later this month. More info on the World March of Women 2000 is at the end of this message.

~ 8 March - International Women’s Day - UNIFEM, in co-operation with other women’s organisations, are having their IWD breakfasts in towns and cities around the country, contact UNIFEM National Office, tel (04) 384 8116,

~ 17-18 April - ‘Flaxroots Technology: Claiming the Internet for Community’ inaugural national conference for people interested in community development through the use of information and communication technologies to empower their communities. For more info contact Stephen Blyth, Community Development Group, PO Box 805, Wellington,, tel (04) 494 0580, fax 495 9444,

~ 24 - 28 April - 'Just Peace?' conference, to be held at Massey’s Albany campus, EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION CLOSES 25 FEB. If you did not receive a registration form via the PMA mailing, their website now has a registration page which can be down-loaded and posted in

~ 1 May (MayDay2k) - a global day of action against capitalism is planned, in the spirit of the June 18 protests last year. For info on what is happening in Aotearoa, contact (for Wellington details) or or Ingrid Huygens

***** LOCAL *****


~ SAT, 19 Feb - CAFCA’s 25th birthday celebration at the Richmond Workingmen's Club, February 2000 is the 25th anniversary of the 1975 South Island Resistance Ride, CAFCA’s founding event. For more info contact CAFCA, PO Box 2258, Christchurch Don’t miss this social highlight, as CAFCA starts its next 1,000 years !


~ FRI, 18 Feb - Effects of Modern Warfare on Civilian Populations : What the media didn’t show about the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia - opening of the photographic exhibition. The exhibition will continue as follows: Civic Square, 18 -19 Feb, 25-26 Feb, 3-4 March; Faculty of Law: 6 - 17 March; Wellington Central Library, 19 March - 1 April; St Andrews on the Terrace: 4 - 7 April; St Aidan's Parish Church, 8 April.

~ FRI, 18 Feb - Wellington Animal Action will be handing out anti vivisection leaflets at Wellington Railway Station from 7am to 9am, in response to Malaghan Institute street appeal. If you can help, meet at 7am on the main platform. Tel 385-6728 for more info.

~SAT & SUN, 18 - 19 March - ‘What’s Left ?’ - a meeting for activists working against the right wing freemarket ideologies that continue to dominate our society, a chance for grassroots activists to get together to discuss campaigns, beliefs and tactics. Sat - St Johns Church Hall (cnr Dixon and Willis Sts), starting at 9am; Sun - skills workshops at Victoria University. $10/$7 (lunch included). For more info or to offer assistance / thoughts, tel Sam or Mark on (04) 385-6728, or

~ TUES, 21 March - Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu meeting, 2pm, PMA offices. Contact Arthur Quinn, (04) 567 0533.


~ TUES, 7 March - Alistair Morrison, radio NZ political journalist, speaks at the Waiwhetu-Lower Hutt Peace Group meeting, 8pm, Waiwhetu Uniting Church Hall, 6 Trafalgar St. For more info tel Arthur Quinn, (04) 567 0533. (Note - the date of this meeting was changed from 22 and 29 Feb).


~ SAT, 26 Feb - Laila Harre, Minister of Women’s Affairs speaks at 7.30pm at Friends Meeting House, 113 Mt Eden Road - an opportunity to find out what the priorities are for the Ministry and the new government. Part of the WILPF (Aotearoa) AGM, all welcome.


World March of Women 2000


- the international campaign calling for an end to poverty and violence against women. Women from more than 143 countries are this year demanding that the United Nations and its member states take concrete measures to: * eliminate poverty and ensure a fair distribution of the planet's wealth between the rich and poor, and between women and men; * eliminate violence against women and ensure equality between women and men.

The campaign will be launched around the world on International Women's Day (8 March) - a wide variety of events are planned in different countries, and all will feature the World March of Women 2000 postcards. The March will end on the International Day for the Elimination of Poverty (17 October) with the presentation of all signed postcards to the UN Secretary General in New York.

The World March of Women 2000 postcards are available here from the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. To order yours, send your name and address, a request for the number of postcards you want (and if possible a donation to help with the cost of producing the postcards) to World March of Women 2000, WILPF, PO Box 47-189, Auckland (cheques should be made payable to WILPF).

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