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Anglican Pacifist Fellowship
Aotearoa New Zealand

The Anglican Pacifist Fellowship Aotearoa New Zealand is the NZ branch of the Anglican Pacifist Fellowship (APF). The APF is a body of people within the Anglican Communion who reject war as a means of solving international disputes, and believe that peace and justice should be sought through non-violent means.

Central to Jesus' teaching is the message of love, for God, our neighbour and even our enemies. We are to do good to those who hate us, and not respond to violence with violence.

The urgency of this message is all the greater in today's world, with its weapons of mass destruction, its flourishing arms trade, and its intractable conflicts. Violent means fail to bring lasting solutions, and humanity itself is increasingly at risk of extinction.

We believe:

  • that Jesus' teaching is incompatible with the waging of war;
  • that a Christian church should never support or justify war; and
  • that our Christian witness should include opposing the waging or justifying of war.

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