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Canadian Boat to Gaza
Aotearoa New Zealand

    In June - July 2011, a flotilla will set sail to take much-needed humanitarian supplies to the people of Gaza. Twenty national groups and international coalitions have united to form the Freedom Flotilla II (FF2) which will consist of at least 10 vessels carrying humanitarian aid and approximately 1000 passengers, including journalists, politicians, humanitarian aid workers, dignitaries, doctors, professors, artists and human rights activists. FF2 aims to raise public awareness about the Israeli military occupation of Palestine by challenging Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza by non-violent means.

    Two New Zealanders will be on board the Canadian boat Tahrir - Harmeet Sooden and Vivienne Porzsolt (as part of the Australian delegation). The name ‘Tahrir’, meaning ‘Liberation’ in Arabic, was chosen to honour those who gathered in Tahrir Square in Cairo seeking democratic change and spreading hope across the Middle East. The Tahrir will also host delegations from Belgium and Denmark.

    Media releases and interviews are available on this page, updates will be posted there as soon as the Tahir sails. Details of how you can support the fundraising appeal to help with Harmeet's costs and to buy supplies for the people of Gaza are available here.

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