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CND was first formed in Britain in 1958 in response to the planned testing and development of a British nuclear bomb. CND has been active in New Zealand for 40 years.

The now famous symbol (see above) was designed by an art student, Gerald Holton. It incorporates the semaphore signs for N and D in a circle representing the world.

Today there are still enough nuclear weapons available to destroy the world ten times over. One Trident submarine alone can target 192 cities each with a 100 kilton bomb (five times the size of the Hiroshima bomb).

More nations than ever before are joing the nuclear club, most recently India and Pakistan, increasing the threat of nuclear war.

Wellington CND has taken a strong stand in support of the ruling in 1996 by the International Court of Justice that the threat or use of nuclear weapons is in general illegal and that there is an obligation on the nuclear states to get rid of all nuclear weapons.

We support front-line anti-nuclear activists in the nuclear weapon countries, financially and by faxes, letters and petitions, especially to international disarmament bodies.

We lobby the New Zealand government and otherwise endeavour to ensure that Aotearoa/New Zealand remains nuclear-free while we actively oppose plutonium, irradiated nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive wastes shipments through the Pacific.