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Middle East Mayhem

14 March 2002

Christian World Service has today called on the Government to make immediate representations to the United Nations and other authorities to bring an end to the escalating violence in Israel-Palestine.

Christian World Service National Coordinator, Jill Hawkey, says this step is taken in response to information and a strong plea from our partners, the Middle East Council of Churches, who recognise the suffering of innocent people on both sides of the conflict and wish to see it ended.

"It is indeed sad that we are losing our young and best, on both sides," our partners say. "This is recurring daily. The pain and the trauma hitting all of us here is continuous. Both Israelis and Palestinians are in need of healing. This will not happen without a serious movement on the part of the international community and specifically the Powers, if they are still out there."

"People are being killed by bombs and bullets," Jill Hawkey says, "Others are dying because they cannot go to hospital when ill, or are simply running out of food because of the blockades."

The specific steps called for by our partners are:

"First, immediate withdrawal of the Israeli military forces from all refugee camps in Bethlehem and Tulkarm and to insist that the Israeli government refrain from entry into populated Palestinian areas at any time.

Second, to call for the start of immediate negotiations between the Israeli and Palestinian sides in order to affect a truce on the ground and to proceed to examine the elements of a permanent solution.

Third, to impress on the Israeli government that holding the Palestinian civilian population hostage would not succeed in advancing the proper solutions to outstanding problems between the two sides.

Fourth, to appeal to both sides regarding the need to desist from acts of a military nature and violence, in order to give space to politicians to work things out.

Fifth, there should be no hindering of entry of medical, food and other needed commodities and services to populated Palestinian areas under siege."

Christian World Service is also appealing to all people of goodwill who wish to see an end to the carnage to make their feelings known to our Government.

Christian World Service media release
Christchurch, 14 March 2002
Further information from: Jill Hawkey (03) 366 9274, 021 267 2278

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